What Does Having A Web 2.0 Website Really Mean?

Web-2.0-website-linkingThe term “Web 2.0” refers to the second generation of web designing and development. The whole concept has taken a big leap in the last decade and the result of extensive research and development is the Web 2.0. The new generation web is capable of handling communication and sharing in a far better way, than its predecessor. Incidentally, the term “Web 2.0” has been coined by Darcy DiNucci way back in 1999. In her article titled “Fragmented Future”, she had mentioned this term and from then on, it has become very popular.

The Web 2.0 is expected to make the World Wide Web more user friendly by making it more secure. The new development is also expected to improve the sharing capability and the interoperability of the World Wide Web.

With the Web 2.0, the users can actually own the data present in the site and exercise complete control over it. With the help of the new technology, the users can also create a far more feature rich, content rich and user-friendly website, with the help of the Ajax interface. The Web 2.0 aims at changing the whole concept of the World Wide Web. The Web 2.0 aims at creating the concept of Web-as-participation-platform, which may change the way we use and look at the internet and the World Wide Web.

User participation is the central part of the whole concept of Web 2.0. The developers have tried to ensure that people from all walks of life are able to participate in this concept and each one has something to derive from the new technology. The other important features that are unique to the Web 2.0 are the concept of metadata, dynamic contents, and of course scalability. The Web 2.0 also introduces a totally new concept to us. The new concept is called the collective intelligence, which will be achieved by the maximized participation of various users at the same time.

The Web 2.0 uses the server software, content syndication, messaging protocols, standards oriented browsers with plug-ins and extensions facilities, various client applications and many more advanced technologies. The Web 2.0 also has advanced information storage systems, and the scope for creation and dissemination which goes much beyond the capacity of the Web 1.0.

The Web 2.0 is a technological marvel which is expected to change the way we surf the net and access the information over the World Wide Web. It promises to open up a new world in front of us, where we, the users are the most important part of the whole system.

Having a Web2.0 designed website means that you share your information with other sites and in turn reference material on websites other than your  own.

Using the RSS feed function of WordPress makes this syndication easy and you can set up a system where your blog posts to Facebook, directories and many other sites giving your business all the more exposure quickly, easily and with no management other than initial setup.

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the-power-of-newsletter-marketingNewsletters are growing increasingly popular as a marketing tool for any business these days. A marketing newsletter is a document that notifies, reminds, advises, communicates and advertises about a business to its target audience and customer base. If used effectively, a newsletter can create immense interest and awareness about an organization and its business activities. That is why it is quite judicious to make effective use of a newsletter to promote a business.

In comparison to other PR tools like targeted sales calls or television advertisements, newsletter are quite cost effective. Since Marketing newsletters don’t require any heavy duty investment, unlike affiliate marketing or television advertisements, even a small-scale business owner can try out his or her hand at writing effectual marketing newsletters. You can simply send these new letters to your existing and prospective client base through e-mails in order to delineate the key details about your products and business. These marketing newsletters would thus help you to increase public visibility and enhance the customer base for your business, just as product advertisement would do.

However, if you want to use a newsletter to promote your business or product, you must keep in mind certain key things.  When you send newsletters to your customer, you should remember that newsletters are intrinsically different from advertisements. Advertisements can contain fabricated words or too much self appreciation. However, newsletters should always have a factual basis. Even if the aim of a newsletter is to entice the customer about your products or services it should always be grounded in reality and be quite informational. Thus, the content of a good marketing newsletter, apart from being attractive for the target audience, should always be factual and impartial, otherwise it would lose its credibility towards the customers.

A perfectly written newsletter should always aspire to lure more and more people in to glean more information about the organization. If you send regular newsletters to your existing customer base depicting the details about your latest products and services this would help familiarize them with your business activities. This can, in turn, help to build an allegiance or brand loyalty towards your business. That is why an ideal marketing newsletter should always harp on your USP or unique selling point or your business. In this phase of global economic depression when everyone is clamoring after low hanging fruit, a well written newsletter can help you to achieve that golden target, and without much of an investment.

There are many online newsletter program out there from iContact, Aweber, Subscribermail and many more.  The leader we feel after using all of the above and more is Constant Contact.

They are not the cheapest but the way their templates are set up is very nice, can be modified easily and can get you out of the gate with a nice looking personalized looking newsletter in the quickest time we feel.

Design & Promote is a business partner with Constant Contact and have developed dozens of newsletters and currently manage clients with email lists larger than 25,000.

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If you would like some help in getting your first newsletter program off the ground we can design a great template that reflets your brand, import your initial list of names and train you on all aspects of newsletter marketing, Prices start at $500. Contact Us for more details

local-search-mapA small and local business profile can also attain a high ranking in the local searches if they keep in mind certain key things. This need not involve link building and online advertising. Sometimes merely updating the website’s business profile can be of immense help in positively influencing the ranking of the website in local searches. If your’s is a local business house with just a small website, then you should funnel your energies towards luring local clients only. That is why it is quintessential to harp on your local identity. Each page of the website should have a section mentioning the physical location of your business.

You should act prudently in describing the physical location. For example if your carpet cleaning business is in Oswego  Illinois, the title of your website shouldn’t proclaim “Carpet Cleaners Oswego, Illinois”, because many people have hardly heard of this relatively obscure place called Oswego. However, since Oswego lies in Chicago’s geographical area, which is quite well known, you should rather tout your business location as “Carpet Cleaners Chicago, Illinois”.

However, stressing your physical location in webpage is only half the job done. Now you should also add proper contact information which can also help your business in local searches. If you think that is improbable then you can’t be more wrong. You should always get your business enrolled with Google Maps or Yahoo Maps. This is quite an easy task when you go to these Google or Yahoo Maps website and search for your physical address when you find that you can link that page to your website with the “link this page” option. Then you can paste that link in the contact information section of your website. This would also help your customers not only to find your business but also post reviews about your business in Google and Yahoo through that particular link.

If you provide some driving directions in your contact information section of your website with some relevant local keywords and key phrases even, that can to some extent help in your website climb up the index in local searches. Thus, not only through keywords and link building, but by effectively tweaking your business profile you can help yourself get noticed in local search engines of Google and Yahoo. The Meta description or keywords used to describe your business in local search engines should also contain the most effective part of your location to help you get noticed in local search engines.

These tips of optimizing your business profile can also be used when you advertise your business in free local directories. Enlisting your business in good local directories with an optimized business profile is also a great way to augment your chances in local Chicago area SEO.

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What Does Having A Web 2.0 Website Really Mean?

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