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Design & Promote has completed a new Chicago Web Design for Katie Overgard, owner of katieOchicago. She motivates people on how they can take items they already own and transform them into new and attractive products. KatieOchicago was looking for a site that would showcase how to be green, save money, and have fun while creating some great redesigned products, like clothing, accessories and even mural painting.

KatieOchicago wanted to be able to show items that were for sale online, and have a place for people to ask questions about their own redesign projects. Design & Promote included a “featured project” page where katieOchicago can blog about the latest projects, and also a shop page for the newest sale items.

About katieOchicago

By using the art of redesign, katieOchicago provides inspiration and instruction on how people can use items they already own and make them fresh and appealing. Step by step instruction on projects help customers save money, save the environment and have fun with art. Beautiful art is not always surrounded by a frame and placed on a wall…it is all around you. Katie wants to show you how to LIVE your art.

It is easy to make your own Fcebook page for your business

It is easy to make your own Facebook page for your business

Many of you may have a business website, but may not be able to generate proper traffic for the site, from which you can earn revenue. There are many ways of ensuring that your site gets enough traffic to keep your business running in a profitable manner.  One of the very simple ways is to create a Facebook page for your own business.
Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world which is being used by millions of people all over the world.  It is very simple to open a Facebook page for your business and start drawing traffic into your site.
To start you need to visit the Advertising Page of Facebook where you will find four tabs. The tabs are titled Advertising, Pages, Connect and Facebook Share.

  • The Advertising tab is used to create advertisements that will be displayed on Facebook.
  • The Pages tab will allow you to create a page for your business on Facebook, where people will be able to join in.
  • The Connect tab will allow the users to connect to your business site, thus giving you valuable traffic.
  • The Facebook Share tab allows you to design a button for your site, with the help of which people can join your Facebook Public profile.

You need to choose one or all of the above mentioned options in order to open up your business page under Facebook.
Then you need to create a page for your business under Facebook. It is not very difficult. If you already have a personal profile under Facebook, then it will be easy for you.

The step-by-step form makes it simple even for the new users. You need to add the images and the information regarding your business in the page under Facebook. Add as much detail about your business as possible, as that will help you in attracting maximum traffic to your site.

You also need to choose a category for your business. Facebook gives you many options to choose from. Be careful to choose the right option, as that will attract the right kind of traffic that you are looking for.
Facebook also gives you options to include some useful applications in your business page. Some of the popular options are Discussion Boards, Events, Information, Notes, Photos, Reviews, Video, Wall, etc. You can choose all or any of these applications that suits the requirements of your business. You can even hire Design & Promote to create a Facebook page for your business or sign up for a professional social marketing package that would include that and more.

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linkedinMost people manage to open a website of their own and stack it up with products and services. At the end of the day, the thing that most websites lack is the required traffic that ultimately generates revenues for the site. There are many ways of increasing traffic in your site. Some of the methods are very expensive, while others are relatively cheaper. There are some other methods which do not require any money at all. If they are used properly, they will help you create traffic for your site.

One such method is by using the Linkedin. This is very easy to use and gives brilliant results if you can follow some simple steps. The most basic step to utilize the capability of the Linkedin is by providing the name and link of your business website in the Website Section of Linkedin. This will ensure that people visiting your profile will end up visiting your site too.

Always keep your status message in Linkedin updated, this is visible to your connections so the more often it is updated the more views it will get. There you can write a few words about the things you are working on or about the products and services that you are offering. This will help you generate a lot of traffic for your website if you put in a link.

Use the blog link widget to the maximum effect. The blog link widget can be easily added to your Linkedin profile. This blog link automatically displays the latest blog updates and Twitter that has been posted by you. The people visiting your profile will be attracted to your twitter or blog and may end up visiting your site.

You must avoid being a silent member of Linkedin. You need to be active and visit the site regularly and update your profile too. You also need to join various groups which are relevant to your field of work. In this way you will increase the visibility of your site and also draw traffic into your site. Generally you will be required to apply to a group in order to join it. But try to select those groups only which have many members, as that will serve your purpose well.

Try to answer some of the questions that have been put forward in Linkedin. This is a very easy way to draw traffic into your site if you provide a link to it as a resource.

There are many more ways to use Linkedin to help promote your business. You can discover them on your own, or use Design & Promote as your mentor on using Linkedin to help you gain more customers.

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We have become so used to the online world that websites have become a source of information and knowledge for most of us. So, the naming of a site becomes very important, as that is the identity of the site and that is the way people will get to know the site.

There are many theories regarding the naming of the site. Some people believe that it is better to choose a domain name which is similar to that of the name of the company. In this way, the company and its site will share the identity and will benefit each other.

Another more popular and much acceptable theory is that, it is better to include the keywords in the domain name. This theory has found a lot of followers, as people genuinely believe that if the domain name of the site has one or more keywords, then the site will be optimized in a far better way.

The search engines have many techniques of listing a site in their search pages. One of the important factors is the presence of keywords that are being chosen. You need to choose the keywords and ensure that those words are present in the content of the site. The keywords also need to be marked separately so that the search engines can track them easily. So, this is how, the keywords are related to the search engine page listings.

It is considered better to have one or more keywords in the domain name, as it will be easily spotted by the search engine and it will be easier to get a better ranking for your site. The search engines go by searching the domain names first and then looking into the contents of the site. So, if the keywords are present in the domain name itself the search engines will track it down and then go on to search the content of the site. Once both the domain name and the content share some common keywords, the search engines tend to give a higher ranking to those sites.

So, while registering the domain name for your site, take care to include at least one keyword in it. The more keywords you include in the domain name, the better it will be for your search page rankings. The higher the search page rankings, the better revenue it will generate.

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New Arts & Crafts Redesign Website Delivery

Design & Promote has completed a new Chicago Web Design for Katie Overgard, owner of katieOchicago. She motivates people on […]

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Most people manage to open a website of their own and stack it up with products and services. At the […]

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We have become so used to the online world that websites have become a source of information and knowledge for […]

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