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New Arts & Crafts Redesign Website Delivery

Design & Promote has completed a new Chicago Web Design for Katie Overgard, owner of katieOchicago. She motivates people on how they can take items they already own and transform them into new and attractive products. KatieOchicago was looking for a site that would showcase how to be green, save money, and have fun while [...]

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The Steps For Creating A Facebook Page For Your Business

Many of you may have a business website, but may not be able to generate proper traffic for the site, from which you can earn revenue. There are many ways of ensuring that your site gets enough traffic to keep your business running in a profitable manner.  One of the very simple ways is to [...]

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Using Linkedin To Help Promote Your Business

Most people manage to open a website of their own and stack it up with products and services. At the end of the day, the thing that most websites lack is the required traffic that ultimately generates revenues for the site. There are many ways of increasing traffic in your site. Some of the methods [...]

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Why Buying A Domain Name That Includes Your Keyword Is Important

We have become so used to the online world that websites have become a source of information and knowledge for most of us. So, the naming of a site becomes very important, as that is the identity of the site and that is the way people will get to know the site. There are many [...]

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