How to Create an Effective Facebook Page Graphic

This post has been updated on April 9 2015

There are various ways to create a stunning and effective Facebook page graphic.

The best Facebook cover page graphic size is 851 wide by 315 pixels tall

  • For pictures with logos or text, save as a .png file for highest quality.


The best Facebook page profile picture is 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall

  • Picture will be cropped to fit in a square.
  • Displays as 160 x 160 on a computer and 140 x 140 on a Smartphone.
  • Best to design a high quality logo in a format that looks into a square.


While you want to keep text to a minimum. Facebook made changes to what is acceptable for a cover photo and what is not. This main change is that Facebook no longer enforces the 20% text rule on cover photos. However, if you create an ad with your cover photo…the 20% text rule applies. Be sure to review Facebook’s Ad guidelines here: Text rule to 20%.


Remember this saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”? The best way to approach dreaming up an effective Facebook cover photo is to convey a message with a photo. See some Facebook graphic examples below:



facebook cover page graphic

Facebook cover designed by Design & Promote



design your best facebook cover graphic

Design & Promote’s Client River Oak Cabinetry showcases a kitchen design as their Facebook page graphic



tips for designing an effective facebook cover page graphic

Facebook cover page design by Design & Promote


More Design Tips for Creating an Effective Facebook Cover Graphic:

  1. You don’t need to include calls to actions on the graphic

Why? Because a CTA button is already built into Facebook. In the cover page graphic area you can add a button to your page that takes people directly to a page on your website or an app.

  1. You don’t need to include your company name on the graphic

Your page’s name automatically hovers over the image.

  1. Pay attention to your branding

Your Facebook fan page is a place to continue your current branding, not invent new branding.  Use the same logo and graphics you use on all your promotional materials to make everything as cohesive as possible. As the saying goes, don’t reinvent the wheel.

  1. If applicable, put a human face to your page 

If you are a small business, or a consultant, or sales rep, take the opportunity to use your face in the graphic.  It is still Facebook after all, and it’s about making human connections.

  1. Your Facebook cover is unique to your Facebook page

Facebook cover graphics are a great way to continue the brand of your business and really connect with people. But, you may not encourage others to upload that image onto their individual pages. See rule from Facebook below:

text 20% rule


You still need a killer Facebook strategy to truly let your designs make an impact. Learn more about our internet marketing services.

Want us to design you an awesome Facebook cover graphic? We’re happy to help. Contact us today.



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