If Google Is The Librarian, How Do You Get Your Book (Website) On The Right Shelf?

getting-indexed-by-googleSome of us remember the pre-Google days when computers were primarily used to process data. If we needed information, the library was pretty much our only option. Thank goodness for the modern era and search engines like Google that instantaneously locate any information we need. Businesses don’t always understand how Google puts together that search results page (or why their company isn’t ranked #1 on it) but they should know that Google’s approach to website rankings is, ironically, similar to the way librarians shelve books.

Think of Google as a cyberlibrarian, in charge of properly categorizing millions of websites not only by subject, but by order of importance. When a website is launched, it is like a book being delivered to the librarian for shelving. Just as a book needs to be on the right “shelf” in a library to be found, your website needs to be placed appropriately in Google search results. In the library, if we can’t find the book we’re looking for, we often choose the next best thing. The same holds true in the online world. We need to make your site easy to find and first available. How? With optimized title tags.

Most SEO experts consider title tags to be the most important SEO tool to optimize for success with Google. In fact, many businesses have jumped in the rankings just by changing their title tags alone. Your title tag is similar to the title on the spine of the book. Google crawls the tag for keywords and gives it great weight in ranking your site, just as a librarian uses a book title to shelve the book. Each of your inner pages should also have a properly search engine optimized title tag. In other words, the cyberlibrarian considers the spine of your book (the site title tag) and also the names of each chapter (the title tag of each inner page) when “shelving” or “ranking” your site.

If you don’t know what your title tags are for each page on your site, it’s easy to find out. Look at the web browser at the top of your page. Below are two examples of website title tags. The first could use some SEO power since there are no searchable keywords in the title tag.


Holland CPA is a title tag optimization success story. They were unranked for their preferred keyword, “Naperville CPA” until they turned to our Naperville web design company to strategically add it to the title tags on their site. They quickly jumped to #3 on the Google search results page.

Title tags are just one way to improve your search engine optimization. Check your title tags and if you need help optimizing them, give us a call to schedule a free consultation, including an evaluation of your site. Remember, the easier you make the cyberlibrarian’s job, the easier you will be found on the internet!


If you’d like Google to make your website the top book in the library, Design & Promote can help. Contact us today for a Free SEO Consultation.



Every website should ask the visitor to take action, such as register for a class, purchase now, request a quote, call for a consultation or make a donation. It’s the job of your website’s content and design to make this happen before the site visitor returns to surfing.

Here is a list of questions to evaluate your website design’s ability to convert visitors. An area of weakness may mean a re-design is necessary!

1) Does your Website Immediately Define What Your Company Does?

You have 3-5 seconds to capture the interest of your visitors. Can they tell immediately from your home page what your company does? Look at this example:


Neither the images nor the headline tells us quickly enough what the company does. Visitors would have to read the “who we are” section to find out. Tell them quickly what you do or they may move on.

After a Redesign, can you tell what this company does?


2) Do You Have A Strong and Accessible Call to Action?

You should clearly ask the site visitors if you want them to request a quote, donate, join, etc., by using a “call to action” button on the home page. The easier you make it for them to get to the place they take action, the more likely they will be to go there. Click Here for some call to action buttons that you can incorporate to achieve this goal.

If you want your readers to call you, list the telephone number someplace obvious, like the top right hand corner, on the home page. Don’t make visitors click on “contact us” to find it!

Finally, don’t be shy about including a call to action on every page. Each can be a breadcrumb leading to the ultimate desired action.



3) Is Your Website Engaging and Readable?

Your content should be up-to-date, engaging and above the fold, meaning the most important information is immediately visible on the browser’s screen. Break up big copy blocks with bullets and headlines so even “skimmers” get the message. Use animation prudently so readers are intrigued but not overwhelmed.

4) Does your imagery help sell your product?

If you are selling a product, invest in good, clear and appealing photography. If not, make sure your stock images are relevant and use a “less is more” philosophy. Take a look at this bakery website:


We have too many small images here. A re-design resulted in a much more appealing image for the website.




If your company website needs help with these 5 steps, or certain design elements put in place, Design & Promote offers SEO-friendly web-design services. Contact us today for a free SEO or Web Design Quote.



chicago seoThere’s no shortage of Chicago SEO firms that can provide you with a variety of search engine optimization purchases. Whether your business is a small business, a regional firm or an international corporation, creating a strong online presence is crucial to establishing your company in today’s marketplace and getting plenty of consumer exposure. An experienced web design company can deliver a powerful SEO strategy that can put a business on the forefront of Internet recognition regardless of whether that business is a market giant or a small business run out of someone’s basement. Using the right SEO strategy allows companies of all sizes to compete with each other effectively in the open market as well as within powerful niche markets that can bring your company unique brand recognition. Avoiding common SEO mistakes is essential, however, for maximum effectiveness. Design & Promote can help your business avoid these pitfalls.

Don’t Try To Do Your Own SEO

You probably don’t want to write yourself a prescription when you’re sick, and you wouldn’t expect your spouse to fix your car. Why would you try to develop your own SEO marketing program? If you don’t have the experience and training to understand the nuances of search engine optimization, you can’t develop a winning strategy. While it might save you some money in the short term, it often ends up being a long term mistake. You’ll end up spending too much of your own time on trying to understand and exploit the rapidly changing field of SEO tactics and trying to understand the complex algorithms used by popular search engines. Design & Promote is an experienced Naperville web design company offering SEO backed by years of experience and a strong team of search engine optimization professionals. Our experience will turn your marketing dollars into profits by helping your company move to the forefront of local and global Internet searches.

Follow The Example Of An Industry Leader

 Design & Promote has developed a menu of Chicago SEO services that can transform your business’ search engine results by being on the leading edge of optimization, web design and proven Internet marketing strategies. Over the years we’ve honed our skills and discovered several ways to not only maximize your results, but also to avoid common mistakes that could cost your business revenue as well as recognition. We’ll help you avoid these common SEO mistakes:

Choosing The Wrong Keywords: Everyone knows that the right keywords are critical to the success of an Internet marketing strategy. Few people understand just how difficult it can be to select the right combination of keywords and phrases for optimal results. By working closely with our successful Naperville web design company and SEO firm, you can discover the perfect combination of words and phrases to optimize your website and dramatically increase your Internet ROI.

Neglecting Backlinks: Using backlinks to direct others to your website continues to be a reliable source of additional incoming links and consumer awareness, yet some Chicago SEO firms neglect this powerful tool in favor of newer strategies. At Design & Promote, we’ll never abandon proven Chicago SEO strategies; we’ve established an extensive network of resources for excellent backlink opportunities for our clients.

Not Recognizing The Importance Of Your Website: There’s a reason that so many Chicago SEO firms are also often a web design company. The success of any company’s search engine optimization strategy is directly linked to the visibility and success of its company website. A website that’s user-friendly and fully optimized increases the effectiveness of any SEO strategy. The benefits of working with a web design company that is also an experienced Chicago SEO firm are obvious. At Design & Promote, we cover all the bases, delivering impressive results your competitors will envy.

Not Following Up On Your Chicago SEO Firm’s Progress: While Design & Promote is an industry leader in Chicago SEO, we know that results are the only way to gauge the success of an Internet marketing strategy. We’ll provide you with web analytics that show you how the Chicago SEO strategy we’ve developed for your business is performing. Keep an eye on the results and voice your concerns so that we can continue to evolve an SEO plan that will give you increasingly positive results.

Please contact us for a free quote on your Web Design or SEO needs!



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