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If Google Is The Librarian, How Do You Get Your Book (Website) On The Right Shelf?

Some of us remember the pre-Google days when computers were primarily used to process data. If we needed information, the library was pretty much our only option. Thank goodness for the modern era and search engines like Google that instantaneously locate any information we need. Businesses don’t always understand how Google puts together that search [...]

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Five Ways Website Design Helps Convert Customers

Every website should ask the visitor to take action, such as register for a class, purchase now, request a quote, call for a consultation or make a donation. It’s the job of your website’s content and design to make this happen before the site visitor returns to surfing. Here is a list of questions to [...]

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Common SEO Mistakes You Can Avoid When Working With A Web Design Company

There’s no shortage of Chicago SEO firms that can provide you with a variety of search engine optimization purchases. Whether your business is a small business, a regional firm or an international corporation, creating a strong online presence is crucial to establishing your company in today’s marketplace and getting plenty of consumer exposure. An experienced [...]

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