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We Turn Your Website Statistics into Qualified Leads!


We offer web analytics consulting and web analytics tools.

Only 3% of your visitors identify themselves.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture the other 97%?

If you have a website and are tracking your visitor statistics, you probably have a mountain of data about your (possibly anonymous) visitor’s behavior at your fingertips.

Website analytics can do a lot of things, like measure website traffic volume and report referring links and popular pages on your site. However, the information is only helpful if your company can make sense of it all!


Website Data Decoded!

At Design & Promote, we provide web analytics consulting by helping you analyze the data you have, and provide on-target, practical recommendations to increase your site’s performance and identify your site’s visitors.  For example, if your statistics report a healthy flow of visitors but they are not converting to sales, we can identify if there are weaknesses in your navigation, content or design and then offer creative solutions for the site.  We can also show you how to transform your captured visitor data into names and addresses of the people you need to reach!


Using our expertise in SEO and design, we also recommend aggressive strategies to combat your site’s most challenging performance issues such as:

  • Inadequate site traffic
  • Anonymous visitors
  • Inadequate search engine optimization
  • Inadequate lead conversion
  • Confused visitor navigation
  • Bounces
  • Ineffective use of keywords


Our goal is to make your website the most powerful marketing tool it can be!

Design & Promote continuously tracks, monitors and analyzes your company’s website statistics. With the information our team gathers we can maximizing your company’s online exposure by determining the best solutions for getting your website to the top of the search engines.

The amount of information that can be gathered today by website analytics packages is the best way to determine your target audience and capitalize on the success of your internet marketing campaigns.


Need a Website Tracking Tool?

We can help you select, install and maximize the best web analytics tools for your needs:

  • Google AnalyticsA free web analytics tool that measures website sales and conversions but fails to track visitors in “real time”.
  • StatCounterTracks website visitors in real-time, offers comprehensive drill down reports on a variety of navigation variables and effectively identifies anonymous visitors for better lead follow-up.
  • Web Visitor TrackingOur own brand of web analytic tracking software that adds a goal tracking and reporting component to aid new business development.
  • VisiStat Leadcaster- A premium product that integrates with top business databases such as Linkedin for full disclosure of anonymous visitors.  Also provides daily summary emails of identified site visitors, online customer alerts, and integration of your contacts directly into a CRM system.

If you need website traffic tracking, are confused by your own web analytics or are looking to improve your website’s SEO, conversion rate or usability,  contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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