Why You Should Hire An SEO Company For Your Website

Why Should You Hire An SEO Company For Your Website?

Most business owners know at least some of what is involved in Search Engine Optimization for their company website, but few know enough to build and maintain a site that is fully compliant with all of the things search engines (primarily Google) want to see in order to give a website the best possible Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking. There is a complex set of factors called ranking signals, which can cause Google to penalize or boost your site’s ranking, and those factors change from time to time. Overall, search engines want to direct their users to safe and functional websites with content that has value to them, because that’s who their advertisers are paying to reach. SEO practices go well beyond adding keywords to your content, and even with a simple technique like using keywords, it’s easy to get carried away and gets your site penalized for appearing “spammy” to the search engines.

  • SEO Company ChicagoStreamlined Design – One common penalty business websites suffer comes from slow pages loads. Sometimes, this happens when a site has been updated for too long and it has junk code fragments causing delays and legacy plug-ins competing for bandwidth. Sometimes, it’s because there are a lot of graphics all trying to load at once. There are a lot of possible reasons for slow page loads, but whatever the cause, in order to improve your site’s SERP rankings, you need to have your site’s performance streamlined for fastest possible page loading.
  • SSL Implementation – Having a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for your business website is important, because Google now uses SSL as a ranking signal, meaning that sites without SSL get penalized in the SERPs. In addition, if your site has SSL, Google will display a padlock icon next to your URL in the Chrome browser, and if it doesn’t have SSL, users will see an exclamation point next to your URL, implying that they should think twice about navigating to your site. Unfortunately, when you implement SSL on an existing site, there are plenty of ways to go wrong, and Google will also penalize your site for incorrect implementation. Though there are a lot of studies using various criteria, most agree that somewhere around 90 percent of business sites with SSL are missing some critical factor of implementation, and most of those have to do with re-directs from the unsecured (old version) site to the secured one.
  • Original, Optimized Content – Websites with fresh content are rewarded in Google SERPs. Websites with stale content or content that triggers their spam alert, or content that is published elsewhere on the web all get penalized in SERPs. Keeping a continual stream of new content on your site is important, having that content be fully original is critical, and producing quality content that readers find useful and not spammy helps build your SERP ranking and your reputation as an authoritative source.

Invest In SEO Success

Working with an SEO company like Design & Promote, Chicago companies can ensure that they’re getting the best possible return on their investment for a business website. Contact us to request a free consultation and website audit, and learn more about how Design & Promote can help your website achieve top SERP rankings for the searches most relevant to your business.

Website Design For Best Sales And Marketing Support

Designing an effective website for your business is about creating an interactive experience for you web visitors, which leads those visitors down a carefully laid-out path you want them to follow from landing page to clicking “buy now.” Your website should serve not only to get your name and branding out into the world, but also to generate leads for your sales team, and as a closing support for your sales team to use to make faster, more efficient sales. The role of a business website has evolved from being essentially an online brochure to that of a virtual member of your sales and marketing teams.

  • Expand Brand Reach – By using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effectively, your business website can expand the reach of your brand message and sales influence far beyond that of your sales and marketing teams alone. Important considerations in improving your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings include your site’s mobile response (does it automatically detect and adapt for correct display on mobile devices?), page load time, proper implementation of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, as well as a continual stream of new content on your site. Fresh content that readers find valuable can generate free marketing in the form of sharing, and it can place your content and branding in front of people who may not have discovered you otherwise.
  • Naperville-Website-DesignLead Generation – With smart design and effective lead magnets, your website can capture warm leads for your sales team to follow up with and convert. Carefully planned campaigns involving lead magnets aimed specifically at qualified prospects, combined with an appropriate social medium – Facebook can be highly effective for consumer sales, while LinkedIn may be a better choice for B2B sales – help your sales team by getting the prospects to self-qualify and opt-in. Your sales team will be more successful when they’re not spending time on cold leads, and you’ll enjoy stronger profits and better retention among your sales force.
  • Sales Funnel – A well-designed business website will include a sales funnel that takes the visitor from awareness to interest, through the buying decision process, and walks them through to the purchase. It can act as a stand-alone sales mechanism, when people come to your website and walk through the funnel, or it can serve as a companion to the efforts of your sales team. Your sales people should be able to pull prospects out of the funnel when they’re slowing down and may need human interaction to convert, and they should also be able to drop people into the sales funnel for ordering, once they’re confident in a buying decision.

SEO Website Design And Sales Funnel Planning

It takes research and experience to find the most effective SEO techniques, lead magnets, and sales funnel path for your specific business and prospects. Design & Promote will work with you to develop a website that visually represents the unique branding of your Naperville business and provides the powerful marketing and sales support you need to increase sales. Contact us to learn more about our web design and Internet marketing services, designed with you in mind.

Four Of The Top SEO Trends To Watch For In 2017

seo trends 2017One of the most common difficulties in any industry is anticipating industry trends for the coming year. As the year 2017 approaches, we have spent a lot of time researching coming trends in search engine optimization in order to be on the forefront of any changes coming down the pipeline.

In the coming year, some of the most significant changes we will see in SEO are focused on user experience.

  1. Scannable Content

Relevant content is a phrase you hear repeatedly in SEO blogs. Providing relevant content means you are not stuffing your content full of SEO friendly phrases, but are actually providing content that your customers and prospects want to read. While this will continue to be an important tactic in SEO, creating scannable content is going to become critical.

While “TL/DR” is always going to be the case for some topics and for some readers, if you can convince your readers the content is worth reading after a quick scan, you’ll find not only are you getting additional hits on your page, but the amount of time readers are spending on the page will increase significantly.

  1. Mobile Friendly Content

Utilizing Accelerated Mobile Pages are imperative to creating SEO friendly web pages. As the use of mobile technology for web browsing rapidly replaces lap and desktops, creating content that loads quickly and can be read on a mobile device is the only way to stay at the top of the mobile search game.

Already, we are seeing search engines indicating AMPs for users in the search results, but it is only a matter of time before we see AMPs become the preferred sites for higher ranking on the mobile SERPs.

  1. Voice-Powered Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and everyone is getting on board. “Digital assistants” are rapidly growing to be more sophisticated and artificial intelligence is designed to select the “best answer” based on a number of characteristics. Siri, Google Now, Alexa, Soundhound, Cortana, and Ozlo are just a few of the AI based, voice-powered virtual assistants already available to consumers, and more are coming to the market this year. Even Facebook is developing its own AI called “M” that will be a text-based assistant within their popular messenger app.

So what does this mean for SEO? When you ask Alexa a question, she will reply with, “According to [Source].” Becoming that source is the next big thing for SEO. To be referenced here as the answer is the key to becoming a major player in artificial intelligence based search.

  1. App Favoritism In Search Results

Could apps replace web pages? Possibly. In the coming year, we may see a move towards heavier reliance on apps and a favoritism in the major search engine results towards mobile apps that offer streaming without requiring users to download. This change could affect how users choose to view content online and that may result in a complete change in SEO as we know it.

Design & Promote Keeps Your Naperville Business’s SEO Tactics Current

Need help getting your business on the forefront of changes in the SEO world? Design & Promote is a web design and SEO company that works to ensure your business stands out amongst the rest.

Contact us at 630.995.7109 to discuss your SEO strategy for 2017.

How A Search Engine Optimization Company Can Improve Your Online Presence

search engine optimization companyHaving an active online presence is hands-down the fastest way to get your business exposed to a new customer base. From a potential customer’s point of view, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find information on a local business and the most you can find when searching Google or Facebook are a handful of “check-ins” and a pin on a map.

Working with a search engine optimization company whose entire focus will be to manage your online presence so that your business reaches the most potential customers, is one simple way to see a major surge in new customer outreach.

Why An Online Presence Is Important For Your Business

Regardless of the size of your business or the product or service you are offering, having an active online presence is important. If your website shows outdated information or your social media profiles haven’t been updated in months, it can lead potential new customers to believe your business is also not active or thriving.

Of course, having the initial online content is important, but maintaining that online presence and providing healthy, organic, and fresh online content regularly is equally as important to the continued growth of your business.

However, this can take a big time investment, and when you’re also busy running a business, investing in professional SEO services is almost always a worthwhile investment. They can put in the time generating the content that will help your business maintain an active presence, while you focus on providing your best service or product.

Providing Your Customers Accessible Online Content

While having up to date online content is important, working with a company specializing in search engine optimization is more effective than simply posting regular updates or blog posts on your feed. An SEO company can not only help you plan and generate relevant content, but more importantly, help you get that content in front of intended audience.

The final step of SEO is to then turn that online content into tangible results by connecting your business with the people in your area looking for the service or product you provide.

Sound simple? That’s because it is! But when done correctly, it is also targeted, open-ended, and time consuming. For this reason, it’s smart to partner with a search engine optimization company to manage the fluid nature of the work.

Search Engine Optimization – Not Just For New Customers

It is also important to realize that generating relevant, current content for your online presence isn’t only important for reaching new customers. Your existing customers also want to feel connected and engaged with your business, and that includes being connected and engaged with you online.

Having a healthy online presence not only helps get the word out to your existing customer base about any new products, services, promotions or upcoming events, but also serves as a reminder to your customers that you are an active part of their community – in person, online, or both.

Seeing relevant online content from you acts as a reminder of the value your business provides to them, and generating that content and getting it to those customers is a major focus of an SEO strategy.

Design & Promote, A Search Engine Optimization Company For Chicago Area Businesses

A targeted SEO strategy will successfully get your business connected with the potential customers in your area who are in need of the services or products you provide. Working with a search engine optimization company to develop and maintain a relevant online presence will get your business information in front of the people who are looking for it.

If your Chicago area business is looking for help to manage your online presence, contact Design & Promote at 630.995.7109. We work to get your business connected with your specific customer base.

2017 Graphic Design Trends

graphic designAs we prepare to say goodbye to 2016, we’re already looking forward to emerging technology and trends in the graphic design field for 2017. Here’s what we are seeing in the industry, and what you can expect in the coming year.


Gone is the rustic, distressed and vintage look. Modern “retro” is reminiscent of newer eras, from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Pixelated text and homage to the retro technology like the original NES, cassette tapes, and flip phones are common characteristics of this trend, as are the retro patterns and neon colors of the era’s clothing.


Mainly used in web design, cinemagraphs are a still image with one or two minor animations. Usually developed and viewed as a .gif, cinemagraphs quickly convey an action when words or multiple images aren’t practical. For a population that now has an attention span that is less than that of a goldfish, cinemagraphs can be a highly effective medium.


We’ve been seeing this trend develop for a while now, and for good reason. In line with the shorter attention span of consumers, minimalist graphic design uses fewer focal points, plenty of white space, few words, and rudimentary graphics. It’s the difference between expressing human equality with a single equal sign versus a photograph of a diverse group of people. It creates fewer distractions and forces the consumer to develop their own creative representation in their mind.


Graphics that are hand-drawn, or that appear to be hand-drawn, add a human element that can’t be bought with stock photos. They convey the people behind a brand, and are effective at eliciting nostalgia and a reminiscence of childhood in their simplicity.

Modular Design

Incredibly popular with web design for young business owners, modular design uses blocks to separate and stack images and text. It is not minimalist in design, but it is also not a long cumbersome block of text. While modular design often requires more scrolling, the visitor is rewarded with more imagery, less “filler” text, and more attention-grabbing details. And, making each block clickable to take the visitor to another page to learn more enhances site navigation while eliminating anchor text links in copy.

Responsive Logos

You likely already have a responsive site, optimized to be viewable on any device. But what about your logo? Simply shrinking it to view on a mobile device doesn’t necessarily provide the best user experience. Your logo is a defining part of your brand and should be clearly visible – and clickable – on any device. A responsive logo, like a responsive site, is optimized for visibility on any device.

Design & Promote Can Take Your Naperville Business’s Graphic Design To The Next Level In 2017

If your graphics are beginning to feel a bit dated and you’re ready for an overhaul, Design & Promote can help! Our graphic designers stay abreast of the latest trends and have a pulse on designs that really work.

Design & Promote offers cutting-edge graphic design services to Naperville area businesses. Contact us at 630.995.7109 to learn how we help give your brand a fresh look in the New Year.

How Google Featured Snippets Improves Your SEO

SEOIn 2014, Google rolled out its “featured snippet” feature, providing searchers with answers to common questions right on the SERP. Also called a “direct answer” or “rich answer,” the snippet box also contains a link to the source website. And while Wikipedia and related sites DO tend to command a large corner of the snippets market, many other brands are surprised to find their content there as well.

For brands that make the cut, they have enjoyed an increase in website traffic and rankings and improved SEO. Why? Because if Google sees your content as relevant enough to feature, then users are more likely to trust the authority of it as well, and organic results are perceived as more trustworthy than ads.

So just how to you get your content featured in a direct answer?

Answer Common Questions With Relevant, Useful Content

While you should always be writing relevant and useful content, if you want to be considered for a featured snippet, you need to do some planning.

First, conduct longtail keyword research to find some common search phrases in your industry. Likely, you will naturally uncover some common questions that you are qualified to answer. For example, if you’re a salon that specializes in extensions, you could provide a step-by-step guide answering “How to care for hair extensions at home?” Or, you could provide a definition to the question, “What is Remy hair?”

“How to,” “What is,” and “Why do” questions are popular queries for returning a featured snippet, and if you have the best answer, then you get the coveted spot.

Write The Best Answer

Create a piece of content for your website where you answer the question you selected. You can also answer related questions within the topic that you anticipate users having, adding more value to your content and preventing searchers from abandoning your site and searching for related questions.

The key to Google picking your content for a direct answer is not only in the relevance and usefulness, but in the language itself. The definition or instructions should be simple, clear and direct. Perform a few test queries and notice the size of the snippet box. Somewhere in your content, you need a summary of the “answer” that physically fits in that box and that provides the most concise and helpful information.

Share Your Content

Share, share, share! On your social sites, in your email marketing, and make it easy to find on your site’s navigation and accessible to Google bots. Remember that just as with all SEO, social currency has a significant impact on your rankings and how Google perceives your site’s authority and the relevance of your content.

Featured Snippets In Voice Searches

When a user conducts a voice search on their mobile device, Google will often read the direct answer, beginning the dialogue with “According to…” When a searcher hears your name, not only do you get a free branding bonus, but the user instantly assumes you’re a credible source since Google selected yours as the best answer to their question.

Design & Promote Can Help Your Chicago Business Boost Its SEO With Featured Snippets

While there’s no magic bullet for creating content that will be selected for a featured snippet, SEO best practices that include creating useful, relevant content, sharing it, and organically boosting your rankings, all serve to improve your site’s authority and make Google more likely to pick your content for a direct answer.

Design and Promote offers comprehensive SEO services to Chicago area businesses. Contact us at 630.995.7109 to learn how we can help improve your brand’s online presence.

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