Benefits of a Search Engine Optimized Press Release for Nonprofits

search engine optimization and social media for nonprofitsDesign & Promote’s CEO Bruce Jones was thrilled to be a part of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce’s Nonprofit Panel Discussion. In the panel discussion on Jan 9th, Bruce talked about how nonprofits can create search engine optimized press releases to support media efforts. We’ve also expanded this post to discuss some key social media tips for nonprofits.

Creating A Search Engine Optimized Press Release for Nonprofits

  • Editors don’t only rely on email for news
    When editors need a story, they’ll go to Google too! Distributing your press online serves as an extra boost for helping your message reach the right media members.
    Panel Tip: The media likes content…provide them with pictures and video content if possible.
  • Use Keywords in Your Nonprofit Press Release
    Keywords should be used in the press release title, quotes, body of the press release and through the Nonprofit’s website copy.
  • Write Naturally
    Sometimes it’s easier to just write a press releases naturally and then work in the SEO elements.
  • Include a Media Kit on Your Nonprofit Website
    If you’re already writing press releases to pitch to the media, rewrite a PR with keywords to include on your website along with photos, video and any other materials to complete a story.
  • Press Releases help build back-links to your website.
    Extra tip: Be sure to ask a reporter if he or she could include a link to your website in the story.

Tips For Nonprofits On Using Social Media

While the media can help propel a nonprofit’s message to reach a larger audience. We believe that nonprofits can wear the media hat too. When using social media as nonprofit, your goal is to connect with your followers and gain more support for your organization. In short, you’ve got to keep nurturing that community—something that a major media company doesn’t have time to do.

But isn’t social media something that you think about after a story is published? NO! You need to think about what you’re going to say in a post, what kinds of photo opportunities you want to get for social media and who do you want to tag in the posts. Incorporate social media into your nonprofit media plan.

  •  Use a YouTube Fundraising link!
    If you make a YouTube video, put an annotation in your YouTube video with a link to your donation page. YouTube annotations provide an extra opportunity for nonprofits to put in a link to a donations page, take the extra step! Want more tips on video optimization? Check out our free resource on video optimization.
  • Keep content sharable, snackable and customizable.
    What does that mean? Think about how you’re going to break your message apart while keeping the “big picture” in mind.
  • Split Your Social Media Posts Into 3 Types of Topics
    Brand: Share social media posts that are about your nonprofit–events, media spots, programs…etc.
    Industry: Share posts that educates and develop discussions.
    Personal: Share posts about your team, volunteers, those you’ve helped and other personal stories.
  • If you don’t know the way to your audience’s heart…
    Go back to branding and marketing until you come out with your values. Sorry, social media isn’t a quick fix for poor branding or mixed marketing messages.
  • Boost Engagement
    Ask your audience to participate and provide a means for them to get involved.
    Example: “Tweet us your pictures using the hashtag #NonprofitSocial” or “Do you know anyone that has been affected by this? Send us your stories at info(at)”

Create a Social Media Hashtage for Your Nonpfrofit

Some Nonprofit Hashtags Out On Twitter Already
Keywords Specific to Your Cause

Nonprofit Social Media Example: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS tapped into our human need to connect and our inner egos to  “top” the last guy’s video.  ALS challenge participants were willing to look silly in front of friends and colleagues. It kept everyone laughing and participating in the campaign. The ALS challenge had an impact across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Think about how you could engage supporters on and off social media too!

Did you know that Bruce Jones, CEO of Design & Promote, even stepped up to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

These SEO and Social Media tips work if you work them! Becoming active online is probably one of the best things you can do for your nonprofit.
Want to view our presentation outline from the Naperville Chamber Nonprofit panel? Download the slides here:

chicago seo video optimizationHave you ever wondered how to optimize your videos for search results? With Google and YouTube using different algorithms, learning how to optimize your video for search results may seem overwhelming at times. In this review, Chicago SEO company Design & Promote shares six tips for optimizing your videos.

#1 – Post your video on multiple platforms.

Chicago SEO experts note that the first way to maximize video visibility is by posting your video on multiple platforms. Instead of either posting your video on your website only or on YouTube only, do both. In fact, the best way to set your video up for success is by posting it on your site, posting it on YouTube, and embedding the YouTube video in your site.

#2 – Host videos that viewers will find interesting.

One of the primary keys to successful video SEO is simply hosting videos that viewers will be interested in. Chicago SEO companies say the most successful videos are engaging and high quality. Not to mention, the more interesting the content of a video is, the more likely users will be to comment on and share it.

#3 – Embed video links in your site.

Chicago SEO experts recommend embedding video links in your site. Not only does this cause Google to notice you more, but it also enhances your website’s credibility. Since hundreds of millions of Americans watch videos online, the majority of internet marketing companies are taking advantage of videos to enhance inbound marketing.

#4 – Host videos that encourage longer visits.

Not only will videos bring viewers to your site, but they also cause them to stay on your site longer. Studies show that most people will stay on a site with videos longer than a site with text only. Studies also show that videos not only help your analytics, but they also make users more likely to buy your products.

#5 – Capitalize on the first several hours after posting a video.

When it comes to video optimization, Chicago SEO experts say time is of the essence. The first two days after a video is posted is the most crucial time period for video exposure. Your goal is to use social media to get as many views, likes, comments, and shares in those first two days as possible.

#6 – Host one video per landing page on your website.

Some people may have the theory that if videos are so beneficial, they should just include as many videos as possible on every landing page. Chicago SEO experts say this is not the best approach. Instead, they recommend only hosting one video per landing page and focusing all of your SEO efforts on that video. They recommend having engaging text on the landing pages as well in order to make a more complete experience for users.

These are just a few tips for your video SEO strategy. For more information on SEO, internet marketing, branding and website design, contact Design & Promote today.

new social media for real estate tipsSocial media for real estate is a crucial component in becoming an industry leader in today’s market. People are turning to social media for everything from keeping in touch with friends and family to promoting businesses to deciding where to shop and eat- so why not where to live as well? Real estate social media marketing is a powerful way to spread information about properties. In fact, a recent study from Mashable states that 73% of homeowners say they are more likely to hire an agent to list their home if they are willing to make a video of it. These statistics are only going to rise in the future.

Here is a guide on social media for realtors, for any real estate agent interested in making their presence known in the digital marketplace.

Facebook for Realtors

Facebook for realtors is extremely important, acting as social media for real estate listings and promotions as well as growing your personal business. Create a professional page for you as a realtor as well as for your agency or branch. Here are some ideas on Facebook for realtors:

  • Share listings via photos, videos, and written information about your listings. Make sure to have links in every post to direct viewers to your website for more information.
  • Create events for your open houses. Invite friends and people who might be interested in the open house. You never know, even uninterested connections may end up inviting someone who is in search of a house and provide you with a lead.
  • Interact with others. Facebook is great for commenting, messaging, and sharing content. Be sure to check Facebook daily for private messages, respond to comments, and encouraging sharing your information. An easy way to keep up with multiple pages at once is setting them up to be managed by your personal account, so that you can easily switch back and forth between administrators and never miss a notification.

Pinterest for Realtors

For something fresh and innovative, Pinterest for realtors is a great social media medium to get new leads and increase business. Take a look at these tips:

  • Pinterest is all about pictures, so use this as an opportunity to showcase the homes you are selling. Pinning these photos is a chance to showcase small style features of the home, like landscaping, staircases, floors, etc. Make specific boards for specific style houses and elements, like “modern homes” or “beautiful kitchens”.
  •  Arrange online tours of real estate through Pinterest’s Places Map feature. Create a map of your listings and popular attractions in the surrounding areas. You can pin photos of events in the neighborhood, show off nearby activities and attractions, and more with Pinterest’s Places Pins.
  • As with other forms of social media, Pinterest as a chance to add tips for buyers and sellers about the process and common questions. Another great idea for this site is to make boards that give ideas for interior decorating, to get prospective buyers thinking of new homes and to help other home owners learn how to stage homes they would like to sell.

Twitter for Realtors

Twitter allows real estate agents to engage over the Internet on a local, national, and international level. It also gives you, as the realtor, the benefit of expanding promotions to a wider range of people. Use Twitter with the following tips in mind:

  • Dedicate enough time to Twitter to know what is being talked about in your field or community. Make sure to re-tweet and start up conversations through tweets on relevant matters.
  • To add, follow other people involved in the industry to create your own niche in real estate twitter. This may lead to other connections, grow your own following, and expose you to more business.
  • Add hashtags to your tweets so that people can easily find you when looking for a property. For example, if you are in Chicago, some useful hashtags would be #chicagorealestate, #realestate, #homesforsale, and #chicago.

Youtube for Realtors

With the increased interest in videos to sell products, it is no wonder that people are looking for properties and real estate agents through video mediums like Youtube. Effectively use Youtube like so:

  •  Make good quality, in depth video tours of properties for sale. It is best to include video footage of the neighborhood and surrounding parks, schools, and other points of interest. You may wish to work with a professional videographer.
  • Tag videos with keywords that are heavily used, so that the videos will show up in search results. Do not forget to share videos with connections through other social media channels.
  • Create educational videos addressing real estate tips, common questions, and industry problems to show yourself as an expert in the field and also get viewers interested in your services.

Blogs for realtors

While blogging may not totally be part of social media, it is part of your website and a great way to be interesting on social media. You can integrate blogging into the rest of your social media strategy. Blogging is an opportunity to develop content, educate, and gain a professional reputation while picking up clients along the way. Here is how to make the best use of your blog:

  • Use blogs as another way to showcase your listing.
  • Make readers feel you are really part of their community by describing the communities you serve and your involvement with them- this may be involvement both in and out of the workplace.
  • Use blogging as an educational opportunity to discuss market trends and provide insight on the real estate experience for buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Websites for Realtors

Various real estate sites like Trulia, Zillow, and feature up-to-date listings with great photos and listing information. Use these sites as additional places to put up listings, as well as build your realtor profile with information and links:

  • Create a presence with a strong profile of who you are as a realtor. Make sure you have experience listed.
  • Keep information current and linked to everywhere else you have a presence online- your company, website, social media profiles, and more.
  • Add references from buyers and sellers you have worked with in the past; they can write recommendations and reviews directly on the website, with being the best for this.

Take these tips on real estate social media marketing and gain exposure for your listings and professional standing as a realtor! If you would like to hear more about social media for real estate, contact Design & Promote’s social media strategist for a custom analysis of your social media strategy.

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About SEOOne of the best ways to learn how to make your Chicago internet marketing strategy successful is by learning from your competitors. Take it from a Chicago SEO company: it’s all about understanding your market and the competition within it.

Before starting to check out the competition, make sure that you know how to define your market. Be sure that the market is narrowly defined to include a city, state, or national territory depending on your business nature and its size, along with the specific products you sell in the scope of a wider market. Aim for the most accurate understanding of your true competitors, the ones using the same keywords as you, in order to best see who you have to beat.

If you look at everything from On-Page to Off-page SEO tips on your competitors’ pages, it’ll help you better define and understand your place in the market. Review our checklist of 10 things your competitors can teach you about SEO.

1. Know the importance of a keyword search

The first thing to do when creating a Chicago internet marketing strategy is to perform keyword research, since it is part of determining your market. Use a keyword search tool like Google Keyword Planner to find which keywords are most used and which niche keywords are important for you to be using. Then, continue the search by investigating which other sites are using these specific words that relate to your site.

2. Titles will tell you a lot

Every Chicago SEO company looks at page titles as the first thing to determine whether a website is properly using SEO. Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are a crucial component to a successful SEO strategy. Adding these titles only takes about 30 seconds, but it is one of the most important steps to getting ranked well in the search engines and surprisingly is something people often do not do. Competitors without good, keyword optimized titles have a significant disadvantage. Those that do are good examples for what you need to include in yours.

3. Link building is everything

Link building is the most important of all off-page SEO tips. SEO is about gaining relevance and trust in the mind of the search engine so that it will rank you high in its results. This cannot be done without link building. Link building gets other sources to link to your site from theirs. This enhances your reputation and in turn boosts standings in search results. Back link tools can give you ideas of where you should be looking for sites that will link back to you and see what to expect or try to surpass in terms of quantity and quality of your competitors.

4. Perform a link check

Get the best idea about links through free link checkers to look for broken links. This is part of our 10 things your competitors can teach you about SEO, because looking for the broken links on both your site and the competitors’, you can understand why the sites are pulling traffic the way they are.

5. Blogging for attention

Check if your rivals are using blogs. Every good website should. For those that are, pay attention to what they are blogging. Look for total views, comments, and other interactions in order to assess what the consumer reacts to. These are going to be useful tips for your Chicago internet marketing strategy.

6. Look at URL structure

Check URL structure and file names to get an idea of how you should be formatting your own. Like many other aspects of a website, if unsure about how to do something, it can help a lot to see what a competitor does and learn from them.

7. Social media is key

Another one of the top off-page SEO tips from our Chicago SEO Company is to check competitors’ social media strategy. Look at their campaigns and tactics on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Like the blogs, look to see who their social media following is and what they interact with best. This should give you some ideas for your own social media plan.

8. Analyze website content

As content is what the potential consumer will read, it is at the root of a good Chicago Internet marketing strategy. But, with all of the different facets of online marketing, it is something that businesses often forget to focus on. Look at the content of the competition to see how effective their website is, and give you ideas on what you should be writing about or include on your website. But make sure your content is original!

9. Look for extra marketing effort

An extra effort makes all the difference in successful SEO strategy. The internet marketing firm you work with will surely tell you how important it is to find additional ways to reach out to customers. This can be through email marketing, newsletters, or holding events that you advertise and report about on social media. Check out what the competition does to give you ideas and understand how strong their comprehensive Chicago SEO strategy really is.

10. Evaluate how they close the deal

Last but certainly not least, is the crucial evaluation of how they convert leads and lock in their clients. Take careful notes on their call-to-action tactics and landing pages. Again, this reveals a lot about the success of your competition and gives you ideas. You also may see what types of conversion seem to work best for the customers in your specific field.

As you start to take a few lessons from these 10 things your competitors can teach you about SEO, continue to learn successful SEO strategy by downloading our free “Easy to Implement SEO Action Plan”. Then, continue to plan with the Design & Promote SEO strategists.

chicago internet marketing tips for video optimization

At Design & Promote, we know firsthand that business owners looking for maximum results with their Internet marketing in Chicago must have a comprehensive online promotional approach. While many

business owners recognize the importance of websites and written content, all too often, entrepreneurs unknowingly overlook a key ingredient to success with their Internet marketing in Chicago: corporate videos.

Design & Promote: Effective Internet Marketing In Chicago To Get Your Videos Noticed

As a leading provider of successful solutions for Internet marketing in Chicago, the team at Design & Promote knows that including corporate videos in an online promotional approach can prove an invaluable resource…when effectively leveraged. Many corporate executives find themselves reluctant to include videos in their strategies for Internet marketing in Chicago. What’s a common initial concern for these partners? They worry that their videos will simply get lost in the online shuffle. With so many online videos being posted each and every minute, it can be difficult to garner the attention your company deserves.

Optimize For Success With Uploaded Business Videos

While commanding viewership is challenging, it’s not impossible; knowing five tips for success with your corporate videos can help ensure that you make the biggest impact possible on your targeted audience. When working with Design & Promote, we will help you create a final solution that includes:

Compelling, informative content:

At Design & Promote, we believe that any online content, regardless of the form, must be top quality in order to yield the best results. Our team of strategists will work with your staff to outline the focus and objectives of every piece you post. To inform, entertain and/or compel; whatever your specific goals, we will help you create content to reach your goals by targeting your distinctive business niche with trendsetting, noteworthy content.

Keyword focused titles and tags:

Much like our copy-centric campaigns, our video strategies also include keyword focused titles and tags. When working with us, we’ll help you include video titles and tags that will instantly boost the online rankings of your uploads.


Many of our partners are surprised to learn the major impact that transcription and closed-caption files can have on the popularity of their corporate videos. Using transcription in your videos will help search browsers more easily find them as well as strengthen SEO rate of return.

Specific call to action:

Of course, getting viewers to watch your videos is just a piece of the puzzle for success with Internet marketing in Chicago. We can help you place your specific calls to action in a noticeable, yet unobtrusive place on the video, in addition to giving your viewers as much information as possible so they can take the next steps.

Creating a playlist URL:

Finally, when working with us to create your comprehensive video strategy, we will work with you to create a playlist URL that encompasses all of your videos. Your playlist URL will automatically go to the next video in your list to increase overall viewership. Sharing your playlist URL will help all of your videos get the attention that they deserve.

For more information about our strategies for Internet marketing in Chicago, reach out to us today!

chicago marketing strategyAs a leading team of Chicago Internet marketing strategists, Design & Promote recognizes how important having a social media presence is for our partners. That’s why we are constantly sharpening our approach on every customized solution we offer; we recognize that consistently reevaluating both approach and execution on this component of our Chicago Internet marketing strategies can help enhance the features that are already delivering results, and generate ways to include newer trends that effectively extend any organization’s brand reach and targeted audience impact.


Using Social Media As Part Of Your Chicago Internet Marketing Strategy

When working with Design & Promote, we will evaluate your current Chicago Internet marketing approach for social media and look for 12 more ways to help your campaigns yield maximum results.

Tip #1: Outline your plan:

Working with us means outlining exactly what you hope to achieve with your social media strategy. You’ll work with our Chicago Internet marketing experts to define the specifics of your goals and objectives. Are you hoping to build your email list? Increase follower engagement? Strengthen brand recognition? Not sure what your goals are? Design & Promote can help you outline relevant objectives.

Tip #2: Define result measurement:

Outlining goals is irrelevant if you don’t know exactly how you’ll measure achievement and results. We can help you tap into a wealth of online resources to measure progress for real-time success.

Tip #3: Build a relevant community:

What’s the best way to build a community of followers willing to repost, retweet and share your corporate information? Contribute to their online success first. Building your community by helping others is great way to build loyalty.

Tip #4: Use a comprehensive approach:

There are countless relevant social media marketing pages beyond Facebook and Twitter. Design & Promote can help you tap into a comprehensive selection of resources for a diverse, effective strategy. Additionally, we can strengthen your campaigns by adding SEO and blog posts into your marketing mix.

Tip #5: Cross promote:

Tie social media efforts together. Link up an Instagram account with Facebook. Did you know that Facebook owns Instagram? Why not link them together? Or, use the same picture on different pages, but resize it to go on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. for optimal consistency and brand exposure.

Tip #6: Create a post calendar:

Knowing when and what you’ll share to your online network will keep your team focused on deliverables and ensure that no major marketing component falls through the gaps.

Tip #7: Embrace Google features:

Create and host your social media calendar in Google docs for easy sharing with team members. Google features will instantly streamline editing and make collaborating around your social media efforts effortless for optimal results.

Tip #8: Don’t forget LinkedIn:

Yes, having Facebook and Twitter in your Chicago Internet marketing plan is important; however, using the corporate-centric LinkedIn can make a major difference in how you grow your business network.

Tip #9: Keep growing:

At Design & Promote, we know there is no such thing as having too many contacts; we can help you stay focused on consistently growing your followers.

Tip #10: It’s okay to check out the comp:

Keeping apprised of what your competition is doing can help you stay ahead of them.

Tip #11: Stay consistent:

Even though you’ll be promoting on several online pages, brand consistency is key; it’s the only surefire way to establish brand recognition offline.

Tip #12: Effectively humanize your brand:

Just because you’re connecting with your network online doesn’t mean you can’t add a human touch to your campaign. Design & Promote can help you create a selling voice/tone that will resonate with viewers.

Ready to let Design & Promote help you get (and stay!) social? Contact us today for more information!


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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About SEO

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