Branded QR Codes

Branded QR CodesQuick Response Codes (QR Codes) are two-dimensional codes that can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of information.  Their ability to hold so much information makes them practical to use for internet marketing purposes.  When you scan a QR code with your smartphone, using a QR Reader application, it is linked to digital content on the web (such as your website home page, a specific landing page, video or more, actually anything with a url).  Some uses for QR codes may be on the back or front of your business card, brochures, product tags & packaging, ticket stubs, trade show displays, vehicle graphics and many other marketing materials.  They are getting more popular as an alternative to typing in a long url on your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry phone and the reader software stores the graphic and corresponding link indefinitely.

Design & Promote designs Custom Branded QR codes. Response rates are shown to be 20-30% higher when the QR code includes some form of branding such as a logo.

Contact us about creating your own branded QR code and optional landing page solutions.

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