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10 Goofs That Tell Clients You’re Not Serious About Your Business

In business, image is everything. Right or wrong, your clients will make snap judgments about you and about your business. This means that unless you can afford to lose clients, you can’t afford to project an unprofessional image. Below, we’ve listed 10 areas that are (unfortunately) all too easy for small business owners to ignore. [...]

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Who Is The Legal Owner Of Your Domain Name? Domain Name Ownership Check

Most of us assume that if our business has a domain name and a website, “”, that we are the legal owner of the domain name, “” right? Well, maybe…. Recently a new client came to us to redesign his website. However, when we investigated the registration of the domain name, we discovered he was [...]

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Why Buying A Domain Name That Includes Your Keyword Is Important

We have become so used to the online world that websites have become a source of information and knowledge for most of us. So, the naming of a site becomes very important, as that is the identity of the site and that is the way people will get to know the site. There are many [...]

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