Design a Business Logo or Update a Logo For Your Company? Here’s What to Consider

logo-design-tipsAt Design and Promote, most companies come to us with one of two requests for logo design: design a brand new logo for their new company or update their existing logo.  While both requests yield a similar result—a fabulous, custom, logo that expresses what their company does at first glance—each requires a different approach and some soul-searching on the part of the client.

Creating a New Logo

For a brand new company, creating a logo makes it all feel official!  The logo is the “special ingredient” that makes it possible to produce all the rest of their marketing materials like their business cards, website, flyers, or signage.   The possibilities are endless. So, where do you begin?

Research. Look at similar companies and currently used logos in your industry.  What do you like?  What do you dislike?  How do you want to position yourself in the marketplace to compete with them?  How can this be expressed in your logo?

Preferences. Are there favorite colors you want to include, or NOT include? What kind of font do you prefer? Is there any specific imagery you want in the logo or DO NOT want used?

Personal Touches.  Is there anything special about your business, the company’s origins, history, location, or beliefs that could be incorporated into the logo? Is there anything specific about your industry that should appear in the logo? How about the company’s owner?  Is there anything interesting about his or her story that can be used graphically in the logo?

Format.  Where will you be using the logo?  How will the logo look blown up onto a billboard or reduced to fit on a golf ball? What file formats do you need?  All design studios are not equal.  Make sure you receive your logo in all the formats you need for any possible marketing material you may create in the future.  Our logo package includes formats for use everywhere, including online and for printing.

Especially for new companies who are not yet well-known, it’s important that the company name works well with the graphics incorporated into the logo design for cupcake shop  This was important to a cupcake company that came to us for a logo design but did not yet have a company name.  We brainstormed company names and offered designs with several names before the winner (see below) was chosen.  Also, the company owners specifically requested “no pink”, which is a typical, appetizing color associated with cupcakes. Instead, we chose to express their use of natural ingredients in our color choice by using neutral, natural colors while still creating an appealing graphic that clearly expresses what the company does with an appealing, delicious looking cupcake.  The selected design also worked well with the company name.


Updating a Logo

Sometimes an existing, established company feels the need to update their logo. Logo updates are often accompanied by the need to change or create other marketing items as well, such as a new website, new company uniforms, merchandise and other collateral.  Sometimes the need to create a new logo has to do with industry peer pressure!  It doesn’t look good for a firm to have an old-fashioned, tired looking logo in circulation when the competition’s logos look fresh, inviting and progressive.

If you need a logo update, you should take some of the steps required of companies needing a new logo, but with a twist.

Research and Analyze the Competition.  As an established business, you probably have some direct competitors by now.  Take a look at their logos. How does yours compare and why?

Preferences.  How has your logo stood the test of time? Do the colors and graphics you chose then look modern or dated now?

Personal Touches.  Is there any elements of your logo that are so essential or sentimental that they simply MUST be included in the new design?   A talented designer will be able to give your logo a facelift while retaining elements that are important to you.

Format.  Did your old logo perform equally well when it was enlarged and reduced? Make sure you once again receive the logo in all the formats you need from your designer.

design-and-promote-logo-redesignDuPage Swimming Center came to us requesting a logo update. The owner had previously conceived the idea of juxtaposing a human and a dolphin swimming together and wanted to retain that in the new logo. The original logo had been created to read “DuPage Swim Center” when the company name was actually “DuPage Swimming Center”.  The new logo needed to reflect this name instead.

Our solution demonstrated our ability to listen and respond to the client’s requests to retain their favorite elements of the logo, yet infuse the logo with energy and passion.

Take a look at your own logo. Is it time for an update?  Call us for an evaluation of your existing logo and learn how a simple update can make a difference in how your logo performs for your company and against the competition!


What Do Your Prospects Think About Your Business?

In business, image is everything. Right or wrong, your clients will make snap judgments about you and about your business. This means that unless you can afford to lose clients, you can’t afford to project an unprofessional image.

Below, we’ve listed 10 areas that are (unfortunately) all too easy for small business owners to ignore. Are you making any of these common internet marketing mistakes? If so, you could inadvertently be telling clients you’re not really serious about your business. Make sure you’ve got your bases covered, and check yourself against this list.

1.  Not having a website

If you don’t have a website, does your business really exist? It’s hard to even fathom why we’re still arguing about this, but the truth is that many business still have no online presence. We promise you, every one of your clients is looking for your website. It’s a must. End of story.

2.  Not having your own domain name

Your “free” website does not give you your own domain name (i.e., You’ll have to pay for it. But with so many good, inexpensive hosting options, it’s really a minor expense. And the thing is, if your website does not have your own domain name, your clients will wonder why.

 3.  Not having an email address with your domain

Are you still emailing clients from your free Yahoo account? If so, you’re also sending the message that your business is more of a hobby than a bona fide company. Leave the free email account for your personal life – not for your business.

Obtaining a proper email address, such as, is easy and inexpensive. Do it today.

4.  Not having an email signature at the bottom of your emails

Your email signature is a standard closing that appears at the bottom of every email you send. It shows clients and peers who you are and what your business is. At the very least, your email signature should include your name, company name, and contact information. Bonus points for including your company tagline, logo, a link to your website, links to your social media profiles, or other details.

5.  Not having a logo

Legitimate companies have logos. These days, online options make logo design an easy option,  you should not have an excuse for not having some graphical representation of your company. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be unique.

6.  Not having a business Facebook page

Did you know that 93% of all US adult internet users are on Facebook? And that one out of every eight minutes online is spent on Facebook? A Facebook page for your business is no longer a fad or even a luxury. It’s a necessity.

7.  Not having a company page on LinkedIn

With over 100 million members, LinkedIn is the top business social networking site. Your LinkedIn company page gets listed in Google’s and LinkedIn’s search engines, allows clients to follow your company’s updates, and gives you a place to promote services and products. If you don’t have a company page on LinkedIn, you’re missing a lot of advantages.

8.  Not having a Google Places account

97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Not surprisingly, most of them use Google to conduct their search. Also not surprisingly, because Google owns Google Places, listings on Google Places get top billing on search engine results pages. Even if your business is national, a Google Places account will still list important details like business hours, years in business, payment methods and more.

9.  Not having a business blog

The proof is in the numbers: Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than companies that don’t blog. B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads, while B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads. Sure, blogging requires time and resources. But these numbers show that you can’t afford not to blog.

10. Not maintaining a system to manage business contacts

If you are your company’s only employee, an old-fashioned rolodex might work for you. But start to grow your business just a little bit, and clients will quickly start to fall through the cracks. To take advantage of every marketing and relationship-building opportunity, you need a system to manage your business contacts. Options include free, online tools like Google Calendar and Contacts, a basic Microsoft Outlook setup, or a more sophisticated CRM tool like ACT or Salesforce.

At the end of the day, maintaining a professional image is going to require a certain investment of time and resources. But it’s simply the cost of doing business these days. Avoid these 10 internet marketing mistakes, and you’ll be setting the foundation for bigger and better things to come.

By the way, Design & Promote can solve any or all of these 10 internet marketing goofs for you, just give us a call.


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