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Naperville web design can be cost efficentIf you’ve been dreaming about having a company website but haven’t gotten around to it until now, you may be concerned about the cost. It’s a valid concern, but many small and medium-sized businesses don’t realize that trying to cut costs up front by trying to design their own website usually ends up in lost time, money and revenue in the long run. The reality is that Design and Promote can design and implement an outstanding website for your company in far less time than it would take for you to do it yourself and save you money on everything from graphics to web hosting.

 We Have Access To Tremendous Resources

 When you try to create a website yourself, chances are you’re going to have to do a lot of research and you may end up paying additional fees for anything from graphics and photographs to web hosting services. Because you’ll have to learn as you go and you have other obligations (including running your own business!), the process of creating your website could drag on for months, particularly if you want to create special features or include the latest technologies. At Design and Promote, however, we have full access to the best technological features and an impressive library of graphic images and photographs for all of our web design services. We can quickly put together a professional grade website that will soon be paying for itself.

 We Won’t Resort To Templates For Our Web Design Services

 It’s tempting for many businesses to attempt to customize a simple website template rather than pay for original, one-of-a-kind web design services. Unfortunately, the results usually speak for themselves. Lackluster rankings and a cookie cutter approach to design usually lead to a poor response from visitors, who will quickly move on to a better site. At Design & Promote, we’ll start from the ground up to build a site that will stand alone in a sea of copycats. While the cost may be a bit higher for original content and graphics, these web design services are critical aspects of a successful website that generates traffic and lands new clients.

 We Understand Internet Marketing

 Design and Promote provides far more than just web design services (although we rock at design). We also provide in-depth marketing research and solutions that will enable you to attract the attention of your target demographic and encourage them to take action. We’ll study everything from graphics to fonts to determine what will work best for your company. We can also leverage a variety of social media outlets such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more, creating a seamless network of online communications to generate buzz about your company website. Although we have all the flashy extras available to us, we won’t simply throw everything into the mix. Instead, our web design services include honing down your website to its most attractive, interest-generating form without over-burdening visitors with useless extras. We’ll never try to sell you extras you simply don’t need.

 Our Optimization Standards Are Second To None

 Once the content is written, the graphics are in place and you’ve added the tags, your website is ready to launch, isn’t it? Not quite! No matter how beautiful or informative your website is, the search engines won’t find it – which means potential customers won’t find it – unless you’ve optimized your pages for the appropriate search terms. Our web design services include search engine optimization (SEO) that’s second to none. We’ll carefully calibrate every line of text so that the search engines will fall in love with your content and push your website to the top of the listings. Our web design services will ensure that you’ll have an interesting, highly functional website that will truly be front page news with search engines.

Contact us today on our website or by phone at 630-995-7109 to talk about what you envisage for your company website. With our website design services, we’ll create a site that will do far more than look great. It will save you time, create leads and inspire new sales, all at a fair price. Who could ask for anything more?



We have two new faces around the Design & Promote office!  We’re pleased to announce the appointment of a new graphic designer, Danielle Luke, and a new administrative assistant, Tara Bragg.

New Design & Promote Employees

New employees Tara Bragg (left) and Danielle Luke (right)

Danielle will be joining our creative team to help us craft visually stunning, SEO optimized websites for our clients. She hails from Tinley Park and has a strong background in fine art, including drawing, photography and illustration. She holds a B.F.A from Columbia College Chicago with a concentration in painting & drawing and a B.A.S from Robert Morris University with a concentration in graphic arts.  Prior to joining Design & Promote, Danielle worked as a freelance designer and illustrator to assist businesses, photographers, musicians and publications in their visual branding efforts.

Tara steps in to fill the newly created position of administrative assistant at our firm.  She will keep us organized and also perform some of the accounting and social media duties. Tara joined the company with a great enthusiasm for graphic design, having received her graphic design certificate from Sauk Valley Community College in 2010. She hopes to further her education in graphic design and grow in the Design & Promote company.  Prior to the appointment she worked as an administrative assistant at DB Marketing. She is from Aurora.

“The growth in our clientele and our administrative needs meant it was time to find more help,” said Bruce Jones, CEO of Design & Promote.  “We’re looking forward to many more years of success.”

We hope to see you at our office sometime to meet the two newest members of our team or to discuss your internet marketing needs. We offer effective ecommerce and internet marketing solutions that simplify your business, new or improved website design to convert customers and SEO strategies to boost your rankings in the search engines. Contact us today.

Naperville, IL—Design & Promote, a Naperville Internet marketing company focused on Website Design and Search Engine Optimization, donated web design and hosting for Naperville Chamber TEAM B2B’s 3rd Annual Bags Tournament to benefit nonprofit organization KidsMatter. This year’s tournament raised over $10,000, which is more than double the funds accumulated last year.Naperville-Web-Design-Company-Bags-Tourney

TEAM B2B is a Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce leads group that focuses on business-to-business relationships. This was their third year hosting the Bags Tournament, but this year for the first time, they had their very own website, which was created by Design & Promote.

“Since I was a sponsor at last year’s event I realized the challenges TEAM B2B was having for their registrants. I wanted to make the process smoother by building a website which linked to online registration for both sponsors and players. This was able to give them the ability to not only register for the event but they were also able to upload company logos, send email invitations and more,” said Bruce Jones, owner of Design & Promote.

The tournament was held in Naperville on Saturday, October 22nd and KidsMatter’s Executive Director Idalynn Wenhold was present for the event.

“KidsMatter is so grateful to Design & Promote for the amazing website and registration process they created for the Team B2B Bags Tournament. The turnout was twice the size of last year and I believe a lot of that should be credited to the tournament’s website,’ said Idalynn.

Chicago-area SEO company, Design & Promote is no stranger to assisting the not-for-profit world. Last year the company offered Naperville website design at a nearly fifty-percent discount to all nonprofit organizations.

“After years of working in the Internet field I know how important it is for a company or organization to have a well presented and functional website. It is a great method to get your message out there and increase exposure. Creating a website for a fundraising event does just the same, and increased exposure will inevitably lead to a more successful turnout,” Jones said.

The 3rd Annual Bags Tournament had a total of 65 bags team compete, 17 teams in the competitive bracket and 48 in the social. Some of the big winners include:

  • Competitive Bracket Winners:  Team Name: Role Models- Dave Sutton & Chris Novy
  • Social Brackets Winners: Team Name: PhilOlsen- Ryan Philo & Kris Olsen
  • Men’s Long Toss Winner: Jim Gedvilas
  • Woman’s Long Toss Winner: Cindy Rowsey

The new  Bags Tournament website donated by Design & Promote is http://www.napervilleb2bbags.com

We have been helping Naperville area non profits by presenting them an online advertising medium to market themselves without breaking their bank, a new website.  Now they have extended the offer to all of DuPage and Will county not profit organizations. For only $1000, we will build a five page WordPress website which includes a blog, on board SEO, reporting and statistic capabilities, and free hosting for three years.  The $1000 fee covers the cost of administration and some of the labor. The rest is a donation of Design & Promotes time.

Does Your Naperville Non Profit need a website?Non Profit Naperville

A web site design is a great way to convey a organization’s message to its audience. It can be compared to an expanded, full color, informational brochure that is at the people’s fingertips 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You can also add a “contact us” feature to your website to make it convenient for anyone to reach you.

By having an online presence you can increase your market share significantly. You are not limited to your local trade area, now you will be making your organization and its message available globally. By having a well designed website, information about your services will be available for everybody to see. Visitors will be able to get a much better idea about your non profit organization because you can feature multiple pages on your site with greater details.

With a website you can revamp your internet marketing plan and begin to advertise via your website for only a fraction of the cost of costly mailings and print advertising. Online advertising is more targeted to a concentrated audience. People who visit your website are there because they have an interest in your product or service. People can sign up for newsletters through your website then you can send it to them via e-mail. By collecting e-mail addresses from willing visitors to your website, you can stay in touch with them without having to pay for printing or postage. You also have the capabilities of tracking your visitors and how they have reached your  site.

In the end every nonprofit organization needs a website. People are now turning online to find information, and if you do not have a presence on the Internet you are limiting yourself significantly. Having web presence makes it so much easier to send your non profit’s message, program and events to the public.

Contact Us Today For More Information

How Search Engine Optimization Can Help Your Chicago Website Get More Visitors

Anyone who’s anyone has a website these days, from Chicago businesses and professionals wanting to better serve their customers to people looking to provide convenient communication outlets. But how do you know that people will find your site among the millions of other websites that exist on the internet? How can you increase the chances that your site will be indexed and rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo? Popular search engines use complicated algorithms and automated analytic tools (whChicago Search Engine Optimization Firmich are sometimes called “spiders” or “crawlers”) that scan each web page to determine relevance and rank on a particular subject or topic. You need to be clever in order to make your web pages pertinent to spiders and crawlers, but it’s certainly not impossible to accomplish. Here are three words that can help you and your website succeed:  search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization, often referred to as the acronym SEO, doesn’t employ a one-size-fits-all formula. In order to effectively use SEO, you must be dedicated and you must follow the rules. As a solid beginning to the SEO process, you should analyze common search terms and search trends of customers regarding your particular industry, your specific company, or both. For example, a “promotional products” company would need to optimize for more keywords and keyword phrases than just “promotional products” and “promotional items”; customers of that industry are also likely to search for terms like “stress balls” or “personalized sports bottles,” among many others. Deciphering heavily-used keywords for your web pages is just one of the important SEO steps that you can take.

You can often increase your visibility by including commonly-queried terms, words, and phrases in your page content. Conduct some research if you don’t know which keywords and search terms are common for your industry or business, and be a thorough sleuth. Which keywords are searched for most often? Which keywords do you think people would be most likely to search for if they were in need of services you provide? After you’ve discovered those keywords, use them to your advantage! Weave popular keywords into your writing and make them sound as natural as you possibly can, but be sure not to go overboard by stuffing keywords into your copy. Keyword-stuffing is frowned upon by search engines and can cost you a high ranking if your content is deemed as such by crawlers and spiders. Keyword-stuffing is cheating, and you’ll never win the ranking race if you get caught trying to fabricate your relevance!

Once you have common keywords in place on your site, also try cross-linking a few of your web pages to one another in order to boost relevance. You can emphasize online visibility by linking to your most important pages from other pages. If your “Contact Us” page gets more traffic than anything else on your site, then link to it from as many other pages as you can and you’ll increase the ways in which it can be found and read. If your “Frequently Asked Questions” page includes questions that can be answered with information on your other pages, then include links to them so visitors can navigate to them if needed. Analyze the keywords you’ve used and decide whether or not any of them could be explained or better understood with a link to another one of your web pages. Just like being wary of your keyword use, be careful not to go overboard with links or your page will appear spammy to visitors. You could also speak with other webmasters about link exchanges, but you’ll want to use caution and only link to credible sites. Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for visitors (and crawlers) to find your popular pages in order to increase traffic, popularity, and ranking of your site, but you must do everything in moderation.

Website layout is crucial to search engine optimization as well. Have a third party take a look at your company website and evaluate the layout, content, and general usability of it and then make note of any improvements that could be made. You may think that your keywords and keyword phrases sound natural or that your page links connect to their appropriate pages, but you could be mistaken! Verify that your website incorporates a user-friendly layout and organized information that’s easy to follow, and you could also improve your page’s relevancy through SEO. As a rule of thumb, put the page’s most relevant information toward the top and then work your way down from there; think of the upside-down triangle analogy that’s common in journalism—a story’s most important details should be toward the beginning of the article in order to draw in the reader, and then less crucial details should gradually taper downward toward the end of the article. Spiders and crawlers won’t make it far on your page if you put all of the most relevant and keyword-rich content in the last paragraph!

Essentially, SEO is the art of using keywords and keyword phrases to your advantage however possible on your site; you will increase your chances of getting found online if you optimize your content and copy, choose quality links and back links, and organize your page layout based on relevancy. SEO produces outstanding results when it’s done correctly. If you don’t feel comfortable implementing these search engine optimization strategies yourself, then remember there’s no shame in hiring a qualified Chicago SEO expert to assist you.



The Downtown Naperville comedy club partnered with Design & Promote to develop their new website and spread the fun online. The Comedy Shrine needed a place where people could get a feel for their comedy club on the Web, and find out more information about them. Their new site includes pages to learn more about their variety of shows, different comedy classes, ensemble, and even rent the club out.

A unique function that Design & Promote included on this website is the ability for visitors to follow the Comedy Shrine easily by using icons for sites like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg and Google Bookmarks, that link to those respective sites. The Chicago SEO company also included a section on the homepage for The Comedy Shrine’s most recent specials, which The Comedy Shrine can update whenever they need to.

CEO of Design & Promote, Bruce Jones, says, “This site was one of the most fun to design. The Comedy Shrine wanted some great features for their website, and they were a pleasure to work with.”

Other features that were included in this web design include a video of the week, online booking with the theater rental request form, and an attractive layout that is easy to navigate.

About The Comedy Shrine

The Comedy Shrine main stage show features top professional actors performing short form improv similar to those seen on ABCs “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. The audience interaction means each show is uniquely funny! Other shows include The Comedy Shrine “Better Than Cats!” musical with dinner and theater package. Visit their website to learn more about The Comedy Shrine and buy tickets online.


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Let Design And Promote’s Web Design Services Save You Money

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