DIY SEO: 6 Things YOU Can Do Right Now To Optimize Your Website

DIY SEODo you see the value of people finding you online?  When you’re working on a new website there are 6 simple things that you can do on a low budget.

By going the DIY route on SEO for a while you can earn a few clients and then eventually hire an SEO team to get even better results.

1. The Basics: On-page SEO

Do you know your keywords? Don’t guess at them, do the right kind of research.  You can easily figure out how to pick the right keywords by using the Google keyword planner tool. For guidance, check out our presentation: How to Pick the Right Keywords to Attract More Customers 

You need to add these keywords to your page titles—especially your homepage, meta description tags, website copy and blog posts.

Depending on what kind of website system that you have, you’ll need to find where you can edit the title tags.

  • Login to  your website
  • Find the right pages that you want to optimize
  • Edit title and description tags for each page

If you don’t have a CMS (content management system) like WordPress, you’ll have to edit the code on your website.

Example of what a title tag looks like:


<title> Best Business Plan Software – Business Planning Software   </title>


Example of what a description tag looks like:

<meta name=”description” content=”Are you looking for the best business software? Our business planning software provides solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Contact us today!”/>

Snap shot of what it looks like in a Google search result once you’ve optimized the page.

DIY search engine optimization

2. Building Backlinks

Backlinks are referrals from quality sites that act like votes sent to Google. They help build up your site’s credibility. Here’s are a few ways that you can start optimizing your website with backlinks:

  • Add your site to industry directories. There are both paid and free directories out there, so be sure to research them accordingly.
  • Comment on blogs that allow you to include a link to your website.
  • Write a press release and add it to a free press release distribution site. Don’t forget a link to your website.

3. Creating Quality Content for SEO

Creating content that is related to your business can be fun. Our clients are often surprised at how EASY generating pages and blog posts can be. The more pages your website has, the more powerful of a resource it is to Google and your clients. Sometimes all you need is to sit down with a cup of coffee and brainstorm some ideas with someone.

Starter questions for generating blog topics:

What questions do your customers often ask you? Write it down.

  1. What industry questions do you get and you DON’T know the answer. Research that and answer it in a blog post.
  2. New employee? Write a blog post about them and their new role.
  3. Sponsor events? Or attend events? Take pictures and post about the event.

When writing these pages and posts, always keep your SEO keywords in mind. Revisit your keywords that you generated from Step 1.

4. WordPress SEO

Do you have a WordPress website? Great! We recommend installing the WordPress SEO plugin or All in One SEO plugin to help search engines optimize your website. Plugins don’t cost anything. But you don’t just install and go, you need to fill in the correct fields.

 5. DIY SEO for Naming Your Images

Image alt-text tags have SEO power. So make your images more SEO-friendly.  Instead of naming your images something generic, name them with a keyword.

For example, a Chicago pen supply company might name their blue pen product “blue-pen-2”. A better name for Chicago SEO would be “Chicago-pen-supplier-blue-stylus-pen”.

6. DIY SEO: Get Social

Sharing content from your website on social media helps bring more followers to your social media profiles and helps build your rankings. Link to your website content on social media.

  1. Create an awesome blog post, infographic or video.
  2. Upload it onto your website
  3. Paste link into social media and share :)

Optimizing your social media content for local events, stories and topics helps your content rank too. The key is to be timely. You’ll want to post as the event is going on or nearly after See example below for a successful meetup group doing just that.

Example search for: “Festival of Colors Naperville”

A local Naperville photography group’s Meetup appeared at the bottom of search results.

DIY SEO social media

Already do all of this SEO stuff? Stay tuned for Part 2. We’ll be crafting up a post for those who want to invest seriously into SEO. If you want help with the SEO basics, contact our SEO team today.

chicago SEO case study

Design & Promote, Chicago SEO Company, used Deziner Software as a model for an SEO case study.

Background: On March 23rd Design & Promote’s SEO team hosted a seminar at Rev3 Dupage to show attendees how to approach optimizing a website to gain higher search rankings. Deziner Software’s website was used as a live example.

Deziner Software provides financial modeling software to businesses on a national level. Within a 3-week period Design & Promote was able to move Deziner Software from being unindexed to indexed in Google for some of their keywords.

How do you create an SEO campaign for a company with a product that can be used nationally and not just locally? It starts with good keyword research. Our SEO team picked keywords that had good search volume with relatively low search volume and good long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keywords are words that are more descriptive.

For this mini SEO case study we optimized 3 pages on Deziner Software’s website: Homepage, Product Page and Angel Investors Page. See examples below:

Home Page—

Title: Best Business Plan Software – Business Planning Software

Meta Description: Are you looking for the best business software? Our business planning software provides solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Contact us today!

Product Page—

Title: Financial Modeling Software – Financial Forecasting Software

Meta Description: Our business planning and financial modeling software will help you feel confident with your startup business now and in the future. Get your free trial today!

Angel Investors Page—

Title: How to Get Angel Investors – How to Get Funding for a Startup

Meta Description: If your startup business needs to get funding from angel investors, then our software will increase your chances! Get started with your free trial today!



After putting the keywords in place on Deziner Software’s website, we took a look at their website’s analytics. Our SEO team generated a keyword ranking report on April 13th, just about 3 weeks after the keywords were put in to place.

Best business plan software Unindexed #39
Best financial modeling software #106 #16
How to get Angel Investor funding Unindexed #68

“Best business plan software” went from not being indexed to #39 in Google. Being unindexed in Google, means that Google isn’t indexing you for a certain keyword. In this case, Deziner Software wasn’t indexed for “best business plan software”. After we added that keyword to their page, Google placed them relatively higher than expected.

The exact keywords for financial modeling software didn’t show much movement. However, “best financial modeling software” moved from #106 in Google to #16 on page 2 in Google.

Deziner Software wasn’t indexed for any keywords related to Angel Investors. After about 3 weeks, we saw 2 keywords move into positions #68 and #110.

Sometimes it’s hard to say how long it should take to get someone on page one in Google. There are so many moving pieces to creating an effective SEO campaign. We can say that Deziner Software is on the right path and is doing well considering they are competing for national keywords.

The Next Step for Search Engine Optimization

So what’s the next step? To really ramp up the results, it’s best for Deziner Software to include the keywords in their webpage content. Keywords should be included on related pages and images. It’s also important for images to be named for a keyword not just “image #2”. Sites will lose SEO points for not having keyword rich image tags.

Beyond what we did in a 2 hour session, we recommend that Deziner Software develops some Off-Page strategies. Off-Page SEO includes building backlinks, creating more content to share on other sites and utilizing social media. Off-Page SEO is finding ways to promote your website so that search engines find you as a credible resource.

Want some SEO guidance for your website? Design & Promote is here to help. Contact us today for a free SEO consultation.

design & promote's chicago seo services garners results!When it comes to search engine optimization, it is important to remember that it is about so much more than simply ranking for keywords. Although keyword rankings can be beneficial, the main purpose of SEO is to make your website easier for potential customers to find. Many companies don’t realize the fact that SEO can actually be a great tool to enhance their brand. Below, we will share five ways Chicago SEO services company Design and Promote can help you use SEO to enhance your brand.

#1 – Use Brand Logo Schema

Have you ever tried to carry a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak the same language? Although you might be able to use motions and gestures to get the idea across to them, the translation is not going to be perfect unless you are speaking their language. The same is true for search engines like Google and Bing. They want you to convey your brand image in their own language, which is schema. Utilizing brand logo schema is the most efficient way to give your brand image to search engines.

#2 – Tweak Your Sitelinks

The second way Chicago SEO services can enhance your brand is by helping you tweak your sitelinks. When you search for your brand on Google, your company’s site should be the very first result. Usually, a link to your site will appear at the top of the list with about six internal links called sitelinks underneath it. It is important to determine whether these are the top six internal links you would want customers to click on. If they aren’t, you have the ability to edit the sitelinks so those specific links will not show up. Once you do, Google will present a different combination of internal links. It is best to keep tweaking the sitelinks until you are satisfied with the links that are presented.

#3 – Use Brand Image Alt Tagging

Anytime your company does something online apart from on your own site, be sure to use brand image alt tagging. Including the branded text within the alt attribute helps ensure that when images come up, they are all images from your site and not images that other people or companies have posted. For example, when Target advertises somewhere online, they want to dominate the imagery so that images posted by other brands that include the word “target” do not appear. Using brand image alt tagging minimizes the chance for brand confusion.

#4 – Manage Local Listings

Another way Chicago SEO services can help you enhance your brand is by managing your local listings. When people search for your brand, local listings appear. Local listing management solutions can help you ensure that the information that appears in the listings is correct. Although this process seems simple, it is of utmost importance. You want to be sure that if customers are trying to connect with you, they have the accurate contact information. Therefore, be sure that your Chicago SEO services include local listing management solutions.

#5 – Take Advantage Of Google+

Most companies know that using Google+ is helpful in terms of your brand’s Google search results. Google+ can also enhance your branded search results. They do this by syncing the connection between your brand and your Google+ page and portraying your brand in the Knowledge Graph. You can make this connection stronger by tagging the publisher in the site source code.

These are just a few of the ways Chicago SEO services from Design and Promote can enhance your brand. Contact us today for more information about our services.

chicago seo video optimizationHave you ever wondered how to optimize your videos for search results? With Google and YouTube using different algorithms, learning how to optimize your video for search results may seem overwhelming at times. In this review, Chicago SEO company Design & Promote shares six tips for optimizing your videos.

#1 – Post your video on multiple platforms.

Chicago SEO experts note that the first way to maximize video visibility is by posting your video on multiple platforms. Instead of either posting your video on your website only or on YouTube only, do both. In fact, the best way to set your video up for success is by posting it on your site, posting it on YouTube, and embedding the YouTube video in your site.

#2 – Host videos that viewers will find interesting.

One of the primary keys to successful video SEO is simply hosting videos that viewers will be interested in. Chicago SEO companies say the most successful videos are engaging and high quality. Not to mention, the more interesting the content of a video is, the more likely users will be to comment on and share it.

#3 – Embed video links in your site.

Chicago SEO experts recommend embedding video links in your site. Not only does this cause Google to notice you more, but it also enhances your website’s credibility. Since hundreds of millions of Americans watch videos online, the majority of internet marketing companies are taking advantage of videos to enhance inbound marketing.

#4 – Host videos that encourage longer visits.

Not only will videos bring viewers to your site, but they also cause them to stay on your site longer. Studies show that most people will stay on a site with videos longer than a site with text only. Studies also show that videos not only help your analytics, but they also make users more likely to buy your products.

#5 – Capitalize on the first several hours after posting a video.

When it comes to video optimization, Chicago SEO experts say time is of the essence. The first two days after a video is posted is the most crucial time period for video exposure. Your goal is to use social media to get as many views, likes, comments, and shares in those first two days as possible.

#6 – Host one video per landing page on your website.

Some people may have the theory that if videos are so beneficial, they should just include as many videos as possible on every landing page. Chicago SEO experts say this is not the best approach. Instead, they recommend only hosting one video per landing page and focusing all of your SEO efforts on that video. They recommend having engaging text on the landing pages as well in order to make a more complete experience for users.

These are just a few tips for your video SEO strategy. For more information on SEO, internet marketing, branding and website design, contact Design & Promote today.

chicago internet marketing tips for video optimization

At Design & Promote, we know firsthand that business owners looking for maximum results with their Internet marketing in Chicago must have a comprehensive online promotional approach. While many

business owners recognize the importance of websites and written content, all too often, entrepreneurs unknowingly overlook a key ingredient to success with their Internet marketing in Chicago: corporate videos.

Design & Promote: Effective Internet Marketing In Chicago To Get Your Videos Noticed

As a leading provider of successful solutions for Internet marketing in Chicago, the team at Design & Promote knows that including corporate videos in an online promotional approach can prove an invaluable resource…when effectively leveraged. Many corporate executives find themselves reluctant to include videos in their strategies for Internet marketing in Chicago. What’s a common initial concern for these partners? They worry that their videos will simply get lost in the online shuffle. With so many online videos being posted each and every minute, it can be difficult to garner the attention your company deserves.

Optimize For Success With Uploaded Business Videos

While commanding viewership is challenging, it’s not impossible; knowing five tips for success with your corporate videos can help ensure that you make the biggest impact possible on your targeted audience. When working with Design & Promote, we will help you create a final solution that includes:

Compelling, informative content:

At Design & Promote, we believe that any online content, regardless of the form, must be top quality in order to yield the best results. Our team of strategists will work with your staff to outline the focus and objectives of every piece you post. To inform, entertain and/or compel; whatever your specific goals, we will help you create content to reach your goals by targeting your distinctive business niche with trendsetting, noteworthy content.

Keyword focused titles and tags:

Much like our copy-centric campaigns, our video strategies also include keyword focused titles and tags. When working with us, we’ll help you include video titles and tags that will instantly boost the online rankings of your uploads.


Many of our partners are surprised to learn the major impact that transcription and closed-caption files can have on the popularity of their corporate videos. Using transcription in your videos will help search browsers more easily find them as well as strengthen SEO rate of return.

Specific call to action:

Of course, getting viewers to watch your videos is just a piece of the puzzle for success with Internet marketing in Chicago. We can help you place your specific calls to action in a noticeable, yet unobtrusive place on the video, in addition to giving your viewers as much information as possible so they can take the next steps.

Creating a playlist URL:

Finally, when working with us to create your comprehensive video strategy, we will work with you to create a playlist URL that encompasses all of your videos. Your playlist URL will automatically go to the next video in your list to increase overall viewership. Sharing your playlist URL will help all of your videos get the attention that they deserve.

For more information about our strategies for Internet marketing in Chicago, reach out to us today!

Don’t Settle For SEO Status Quo: Innovative Chicago SEO Companies Partner With Clients

SEO companies Chicago

At Design & Promote, as one of the region’s leading Chicago SEO companies, we understand firsthand the many benefits and promotional advantages that having an online presence can deliver. Business owners in every industry can leverage online marketing strategies to obtain an extensive range of goals. Enhancing brand identity, developing a local presence, and even tapping into the global consumer market are just some of the ways that Chicago SEO companies can help place your business firmly on the radars of customers everywhere.


It’s Important To Know How To Source Strategic Chicago SEO Companies For Your Business

While the benefits of working with Chicago SEO companies are numerous, it’s important to know that not all firms are created alike. As with sourcing any outside resource to help promote your organization, it’s important to know what to look for when screening firms to entrust with your business. Yes, many firms will claim that they have the needed expertise to effectively leverage your campaigns; however, many business owners realize too late into the process that their chosen provider simply doesn’t have the experience and industry insight needed to make the biggest marketing impact possible.

What to Look for in Chicago SEO Companies

While, initially, pinpointing innovative Chicago SEO companies can feel like a challenge, there are a few key indicators to look for when screening providers. What’s the most critical factor to consider before moving forward with a firm? Knowing what their long-term vision is for your organization.

At Design & Promote, establishing a long-term professional relationship is a top priority with all of our clients. Unlike other Chicago SEO companies that only offer cookie-cutter strategies, our team of design and marketing experts offers customized campaigns and solutions for sustainable results. How? By partnering with each client throughout our professional relationship. When working with Design & Promote, we will work closely with your internal staff to truly understand your unique corporate vision and ultimate promotional goals. Once we know what your business is about and where you’d like to see it go, we are best able to design a comprehensive SEO strategy to help you get the results that you deserve.

Work With Design & Promote

As one of the leading Chicago SEO companies, we continue to work in tandem with our clients’ marketing and advertising professionals to further expand their brands’ overall reach and exposure. We firmly believe that, in order to achieve maximum success, it’s not enough for us to understand your process; instead, we do our best to help your team understand our process. We partner with and empower teams and business leaders to enhance their content internally. Our training, support and campaign management resources help ensure that your staff members are best prepared to tap into the power of online marketing for maximum return on investment.

Looking for Chicago SEO companies that work with you and your team in-house? We have experience with full SEO campaign management and SEO consulting. We’d love to help!

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