12 Ways To Get More Social With Your Chicago Internet Marketing Strategy

chicago marketing strategyAs a leading team of Chicago Internet marketing strategists, Design & Promote recognizes how important having a social media presence is for our partners. That’s why we are constantly sharpening our approach on every customized solution we offer; we recognize that consistently reevaluating both approach and execution on this component of our Chicago Internet marketing strategies can help enhance the features that are already delivering results, and generate ways to include newer trends that effectively extend any organization’s brand reach and targeted audience impact.


Using Social Media As Part Of Your Chicago Internet Marketing Strategy

When working with Design & Promote, we will evaluate your current Chicago Internet marketing approach for social media and look for 12 more ways to help your campaigns yield maximum results.

Tip #1: Outline your plan:

Working with us means outlining exactly what you hope to achieve with your social media strategy. You’ll work with our Chicago Internet marketing experts to define the specifics of your goals and objectives. Are you hoping to build your email list? Increase follower engagement? Strengthen brand recognition? Not sure what your goals are? Design & Promote can help you outline relevant objectives.

Tip #2: Define result measurement:

Outlining goals is irrelevant if you don’t know exactly how you’ll measure achievement and results. We can help you tap into a wealth of online resources to measure progress for real-time success.

Tip #3: Build a relevant community:

What’s the best way to build a community of followers willing to repost, retweet and share your corporate information? Contribute to their online success first. Building your community by helping others is great way to build loyalty.

Tip #4: Use a comprehensive approach:

There are countless relevant social media marketing pages beyond Facebook and Twitter. Design & Promote can help you tap into a comprehensive selection of resources for a diverse, effective strategy. Additionally, we can strengthen your campaigns by adding SEO and blog posts into your marketing mix.

Tip #5: Cross promote:

Tie social media efforts together. Link up an Instagram account with Facebook. Did you know that Facebook owns Instagram? Why not link them together? Or, use the same picture on different pages, but resize it to go on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. for optimal consistency and brand exposure.

Tip #6: Create a post calendar:

Knowing when and what you’ll share to your online network will keep your team focused on deliverables and ensure that no major marketing component falls through the gaps.

Tip #7: Embrace Google features:

Create and host your social media calendar in Google docs for easy sharing with team members. Google features will instantly streamline editing and make collaborating around your social media efforts effortless for optimal results.

Tip #8: Don’t forget LinkedIn:

Yes, having Facebook and Twitter in your Chicago Internet marketing plan is important; however, using the corporate-centric LinkedIn can make a major difference in how you grow your business network.

Tip #9: Keep growing:

At Design & Promote, we know there is no such thing as having too many contacts; we can help you stay focused on consistently growing your followers.

Tip #10: It’s okay to check out the comp:

Keeping apprised of what your competition is doing can help you stay ahead of them.

Tip #11: Stay consistent:

Even though you’ll be promoting on several online pages, brand consistency is key; it’s the only surefire way to establish brand recognition offline.

Tip #12: Effectively humanize your brand:

Just because you’re connecting with your network online doesn’t mean you can’t add a human touch to your campaign. Design & Promote can help you create a selling voice/tone that will resonate with viewers.

Ready to let Design & Promote help you get (and stay!) social? Contact us today for more information!

Ready for a fun holiday marketing challenge?

We’ve broken down 12 SEO and Social Media Strategies that you can do each day leading up to Christmas.

About the 12 Days of SEO and Social Media Challenge

Each day, building up to Christmas, you are to complete each item or task for that day. So on day one, you will create a press release and put it on your website or blog. And so on.

Even if you can’t complete the task by the end of each day, you can still work on each item!

We hope you have fun! Click the graphic below to download.

Chicago SEO and Social Media Strategies

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Social media is one of the most effective ways to get a business noticed and talked about. But, with so many forms of social media to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which channel you should be using.

With the importance that social media holds in today’s world, it is virtually impossible not to be involved in some aspect of it. If you want to be talked about, you need to put your business in the center of social media. However, with great popularity comes great variety. With so many different social media outlets to choose from, social media management services help you understand what social media strategy to use and how to use it. What is the best social media for business? Chicago social media marketing agency Design & Promote’s social media strategist, Erica Paczkowski, explains the determinants of social media management strategies for your business in order to see productive results.social media managment strategies for your business

What Social Media is your Audience Using?

A primary objective of social media management strategies is to analyze a business’ audience. The best social media for business purposes depends on where the target audience hangs out. Crucial to this point is that social media marketing services are geared towards the consumer audience and not the peers. Point in case: If a company run by middle-aged businessmen wants to cater to the college market, they will need to focus on outlets like Instagram and Twitter that appeal to young adults, not the rest of their businessmen peers.

Moreover, choosing the best social media for your business comes down to understanding what your audience wants to see. Each social media site shines in its own way; The key is knowing which one will let your business shine. A cupcake business, for example, will want to use social media like Pinterest, where photos are abundant and the brand can show off what they have to offer in the most appealing fashion. But, any Chicago social media marketing agency will note that a finance firm will probably want to avoid photo forums and opt for something more business- oriented like LinkedIn, where business connections can be made and news can be shared.

Test Run your Social Media Strategy

A/B testing is ultimately the best way for social media management services to determine which social media platforms are right for your company. By trying out different kinds of social media, you will be able to see what your clients and prospects respond to and what gets you more business. As a social media strategist, Erica relies on website analytics to reveal the demographics of your business.

Our Chicago social media company and others observe that there is a general grouping to be made for each kind of business. The divide for social media management strategies lies between business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) companies. The B2B group best utilizes LinkedIn, and Facebook as a secondary source. Facebook Is best for B2C firms; After that, twitter is usually a good option but it varies based on business type.

Focus on Social Media Management Strategies

Social media management strategies encompass an action plan for implementing social media strategy. Erica first points out the common misconception that social media can be an effective web presence without a website. Actually, all businesses need a website if they wish to increase business; social media simply enhances the website and directs people to the site. You should use at least two forms of social media. For example, try out a twitter account for news and written content, and add an Instagram for marketing images, and upkeep a blog on your website to integrate into these social media outlets.

Understand how to focus your energy. If you are just starting out, keep putting out great content with links to your blog and website. If you social media management strategiesare trying to grow a following, social media management services advise to generate something that is worthwhile for the people choosing to follow you. A promotion will do wonders to grow your following. In the end, our Chicago social media marketing agency stresses the importance of content, as social media is essentially pointless without it. And, have fun with it!

Learn from a Chicago Social Media Company

Choose a Chicago social media marketing agency to teach you about social media and help you find the right fit for your business. Social media, when used correctly with the help of social media management services, can make your business thrive and bring in more customers than ever. Of course, the core of social media strategy emphasizes targeting the right audience with the right type of social media; after that, it is all about testing and formulating the proper social media management strategies and tactics. Discuss your social media strategy further with our Chicago social media marketing agency and social media strategists.

How to use social media for event planning and other ways to optimize your use of social media.

Looking to improve your social media usage to promote your next event? Join Design & Promote at our upcoming seminar as we go through the complexities of event marketing on social media.

social media for event marketers

When: Tuesday June 24, 2014 from 4:00PM-6:00PM

Where: Design & Promote, 1952 McDowell Road, Naperville IL 60563

The Importance of Social Media in Event Planning
Social media marketing is crucial for businesses in general but even more so for event marketing. With the proper use of social media, events are exposed to networking opportunities and general exposure. Through social media marketing, organizers and event marketers can encourage engagement through their own participation. Word-of-mouth marketing leaps to a new level with social media, as planners may work remotely to get people to sign up. With the right tools, planners can also encourage registered attendees to invite their friends or connections. The categories within social media platforms allow event planners to target invites to those with interests that correspond to the event. On social media attendees can act as critics and reviewers, post on the event page or the organization’s page and share the event on their personal pages. Plus, the accounts and event history linked to the event enable event marketers to shape a positive reputation of the events and of the organizations behind them.

Get Your Event Noticed through Social Media Strategy

In this seminar, the Design & Promote team will be covering several topics on social media strategy for event marketers to implement when promoting their future events. Topics include:

• A basic guide on using Facebook insights
• How to optimize your campaigns to drive ticket sales and website clicks
• How to monitor engagement, listen to audience feedback, and track progress
• Case studies to exhibit real- life examples of how these strategies can fit into your event marketing strategy

Hope to see you there!

Online event registration for Social Media Strategy for Event Marketers powered by Eventbrite

Always on the go? Our latest presentation “How to Create a Facebook Strategy for Busy Businesses” provides some tips on how to improve your business’s Facebook page–even when you’re busy.

Click the picture below to view this presentation.

Facebook strategy presentation











LinkedIn recently expired its products & services tabs on April 14, 2014 and replaced them with “Showcase Pages”. You might have not even realized it until now! And you better hurry to claim your page’s URL because there are a limited amount of names to choose from.

What Are Showcase Pages Good For?

We like to refer to these pages as your “Spotlight Pages.” Each page acts as a spotlight that shines on the different aspects of your business that users can follow. For instance, we have clients that are only interested in web design so we’ve created a LinkedIn Showcase Page for that aspect of our business. Others are more interested in search engine optimization so we’ve created a page for that as well. Check out a snapshot of our Google 360 Virtual Tours LinkedIn Showcase Page:

linkedin showcase pages

LinkedIn Showcase Page Content

LinkedIn allows you to create up to 10 showcase pages. If your company has a mix of brands and products, create pages to highlight those offerings. We can even create your LinkedIn Showcase pages for you. Having showcase pages presents some opportunities for you to target offerings based on your follower’s interests with your business. Content that you would share on these pages is exclusive to that page’s topic. Just like your company page, you’ll also have access to view analytic data to gauge each showcase page’s performance.

linkedin showcase pages branchLinkedIn Showcase Pages serve as an extension of your company page, so extra maintenance for your LinkedIn profile will be required. You’ll want to post regularly on those pages. Also, your follower’s just might be following your company page plus a showcase page—aim to keep posts unique. Avoid overlapping content so that your follower’s aren’t seeing the same posts twice in their feeds.

Why you should build your LinkedIn Showcase Pages Now

As SEO experts we couldn’t help but notice the unique URL opportunity. The process of getting the page name you want is like a land grabbing mad rush—tons of businesses are trying to grab their page names and no two pages can have the same URL. You have to get in quickly to get the name you want or someone else may take it. Don’t be surprised if there are already slim pickings.

Sample LinkedIn Showcase Page URL structure:

Another additional benefit is the ability for your LinkedIn showcase page to appear in LinkedIn search results.

The example below is our Google 360 Virtual Tour Page:

linkedin showcase page search result



When someone searches “Google 360 Virtual Tour” our showcase page comes up. We took full advantage of claiming keywords that are an exact match to what our customers are searching for.

Let Design & Promote Create Your LinkedIn Showcase Pages

There is a massive opportunity for your business to claim branded keywords or other keywords that are associated with your business, brands or products. But you have to move fast. And we can help you get started. For $200 per page each we will create your pages for you. This includes setting up the right page URL for your business, custom graphics, and content. Contact us to get started today.

Social Media

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LinkedIn recently expired its products & services tabs on April 14, 2014 and replaced them with “Showcase Pages”. You might […]

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