6 Website Maintenance Service Tips for Cleaning Your Website

Website maintenance serviceDuring springtime our thoughts turn to spring-cleaning. We clean the house and the yard. We wash our cars, tune the lawn mowers and put away the winter gear. With summer moving in, have you thought about cleaning up your website? A yearly check-up of your website is a smart way to keep on top of all the little things that make a website function well. We spend so much time during the year making sure our content is fresh that we sometimes forget to make sure the basics are all in order.

Here are six website maintenance tasks to do once a year to make sure your website is functioning in tip-top condition.

1. Review Website Navigation

Review your site navigation to make sure it still works well and is consistent across pages. It can be confusing for website visitors to be faced with different navigation schemes on different pages of the website. Give them one scheme that makes it easy for them to find the information they’re looking for quickly and then carry that scheme throughout the website.

2. Verify Your Phone Number

It is really common for phone numbers to be incorrect on websites. Either the number changes and it never gets updated on the site or the wrong number is put up due to simple typos. Double and triple-check your Contact Page and any headers or footers that carry the phone number.

3. Verify That Your Contact Form Works

If you’re going to have a contact form on your website, it needs to work. Ideally, you’ll check this a couple of times a year, but if it slips through the cracks — you can correct it during a routine spring-cleaning check. If you’re getting an error message that means your website visitors are getting the same message. Find out what’s wrong and fix it before you miss out on any new clients.

4. Check the Site in Multiple Browsers

You want your site to look good and work well in all the major browsers. To check this, just click on your website’s pages from several different browsers. Look for any differences between browsers and, if they’re problematic, contact a website maintenance service to help you make the needed changes.

5. Adjust SEO Keywords

Visit Google Trends to see what keywords are currently trending then take advantage of those that fit your niche. To do this, adjust some of the SEO keywords you’ve got sprinkled throughout the site to capture some of the traffic that is searching those trends.

6. Check Your Website Analytics

Use website analytics to understand your visitors better and improve your site’s effectiveness. Where are your visitors going? Are people following your calls-to-action? Look at your traffic flow. If the numbers don’t match up you might need help troubleshooting some faults in web design or site navigation from a website maintenance service.

The most important thing to ask yourself during your cleaning process is “Has anything changed?” As a website maintenance service, we see this happen all the time. Addresses, phone numbers and contact people change, but those changes are rarely carried over to a website. That sends the wrong message to your customers and can cost you business. Don’t let sloppy maintenance get in the way of your business growth. An annual checkup can be just the thing to make sure everything is in working order and stays that way. Need web maintenance help? Reach out to us.

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6 Website Maintenance Service Tips for Cleaning Your Website

During springtime our thoughts turn to spring-cleaning. We clean the house and the yard. We wash our cars, tune the […]

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