21 Jan 2010

Having A Website Was Important Yesterday: Why SEO Is Important Now And For The Future

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As we reach the end of 2009, more and more companies are realizing the importance of having a web presence. A large company knows how imperative it is to have a website and be active in the online conversation, but even small businesses are finding it harder to compete without a website.

Just five or ten years ago, the competition for local search results was much lower. If, for example, your auto shop in Naperville decided to create a website back then, there would be a good chance that it would easily end up high on the search engines for certain keywords like Naperville auto shop or Naperville car repair. As long as this site was easy for Google and other search engines to find, it wouldn’t require a lot of effort to have good search results.

As most of us know now, getting clicks from Google has become extremely competitive, and companies are even paying thousands of dollars a month to have a sponsored link on Google. Instead of throwing your money away on every click that doesn’t convert to sales, why not focus on the organic search results that you don’t have to pay for? Once your website is at the top of Google for your most important keywords, you won’t have to pay for every visitor to your site and you can have significant increases in total visitors to your website.

Like I said earlier, the more competitors who have a website, the more important it will be to focus your efforts on SEO. Search Engine Optimization goes beyond creating a good website with engaging content. After all, what is the point of even having a website if people can’t find you on Google and other search engines?

At Design & Promote, we will work with you to closely evaluate how we can get your website closer to the #1 position on Google. SEO is an ongoing task that requires an initial time investment, but it rewards companies in the long run with exposure to more people than any advertisement can generate.

With a higher ranking on search engines, your website is bound to get more visitors. Over time, this will not only increase your revenue, but also increase the popularity in your brand. More people will become loyal to your product or service, which will help spread the word that your company is offering something everyone needs.

Today, it is imperative that you use proper SEO techniques that will lead to long-term growth. Find a good SEO company that will do quality research, measure their efforts, and report progress frequently. A well-balanced Search Engine Optimization approach will finally make you happy that you invested in a website in the first place.

This post was written by Bruce Jones

5 Responses to “Having A Website Was Important Yesterday: Why SEO Is Important Now And For The Future”

  1. Dan says:

    The “SEO is an ongoing task” is the best phrase, more and more people/customers should see it. It’s always ridiculous when after let’s say 2-3 months of link building you hear: I’m done with SEO, I’m on page one, thanks. Oh yes? Ok, good look from now on with rankings. :D

  2. SEOP.com says:

    Back then, just having a website will suffice because there are only so many websites people can actually visit. But now, with billions of other websites available on the Net. And millions probably having the same topic as yours, you have to be noticed. That is where SEO comes in.

  3. Lynn Lindsay says:

    I don’t know about you guys experience with back links but mine showed that edu back links works best.

  4. Nicolas Paramanoff says:

    To win the competition of the search engines optimization, I agree that your efforts must being made on the creation of original content.
    But you must keep in mind that your creation of content must being made for a competitive niche.
    Without content in your niche in demand, you will stay invisible.

  5. Roosevelt says:

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

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