Web Maintenance

Keep Your Customers (and the search engines) Happy With A Well-Maintained Website!website-maintenance-naperville

There’s nothing more embarrassing than when a customer asks for a price they saw on your outdated website, or tries to order a product or service from your site that you stopped carrying!  Your website should house the freshest, most complete information possible on your company’s products, services, news and events.  Google loves it too. When you post regular updates of quality content (such as a blog) all the search engines re-index your site for a possible bump up in the rankings.

Any internet marketing firm will tell you that website maintenance website is essential to maximizing your online performance.

Unfortunately, keeping a website up-to-date is a big job unless someone at the company is dedicated to the task.   Here’s where Design & Promote can help.

We offer custom web maintenance packages at hourly or monthly contracted rates depending upon your needs.  Clients rely on us for: 

  • Updating wordpress plug-ins and software updates
  • Refreshing images throughout the site
  • Adding new pages of content
  • Performing content changes (pricing, policies, calendar items, events, promotions, goal progress etc.)
  • Adding calls to action on each page
  • Adding/updating contact forms
  • Creating and posting blogs
  • ..or whatever you need!  

Is your website up-to-date on a daily basis, giving all it should to your customers and prospects? Contact us today and begin a website maintenance plan.  Your customers and Google will thank you! 

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