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For business owners everywhere, creating an effective online website can feel like an arduous process. It’s just not enough to simply have a business website; in order to truly maximize impact with a specific consumer demographic, a company must tout an easy to find (and even easier to navigate) professional website.

5 Key SEO Design Essentials

When beginning the design process, entrepreneurs can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and options offered from even a single website design. That’s where Design & Promote can help. At Design & Promote, our team of seasoned online marketing experts understands that, while being visually compelling is a must, a truly successful website goes beyond mere aesthetics. When working with our clients, we not only offer the very latest user interface innovations to ensure every visitor has a seamless and intuitive experience, but we also offer ever-critical SEO design elements as well.

Understanding The Importance Of SEO Design Elements

Not sure what SEO design elements are…or why you need them? SEO design elements utilize a wide range of online marketing strategies and innovations to help fortify search engine results. At Design & Promote, we have an entire team of SEO design experts who not only understand the importance of including these tactics in every solution, but also know how to strategically incorporate critical SEO methods in our website design process for optimal ROI. When working with our team of professionals, we often recommend five critical SEO design elements that have proven invaluable tools in any website creation process. These SEO design resources include:

Using indexable content:

Indexable content is the content on your site that can be recognized by online search engines. Sound important? It is. That’s why, when working with us, we will strategically incorporate HTML programming and text throughout your site to ensure your site is full of relevant, indexable content.

Strategic URL construction:

Your URL links offer a wealth of promotional benefits. Design & Promote helps clients construct concise, impactful URL links that offer insight into your company’s purpose, goals and objectives before they even make it to the actual page itself.

Leveraging on page optimization:

HTML coding, keyword placement/density and meta tags are just some of the ways to leverage SEO benefits on every page of your website. At Design & Promote, we research the very best keyword phrases specific to your business and include them throughout the site for maximum search engine results.

Creating no follow tags:

At Design & Promote, we know that there is some content we want the search engines to find…and some content that is okay for them to overlook. When working with us, we can program in no follow tags on non-relevant content to help you strategically leverage the benefits that this resource offers.

Sharing and protecting your content:

Obviously, the point of having an online marketing image is to share your brand identity with the consumer masses; however, it’s also important to have a plan for protecting your online content as well. Design & Promote systematically includes pings, backups and backlinks throughout your site to ensure that you get your marketing message out with maximum content protection security.

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