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Keeping up with the latest innovations in website design and search engine optimization can be difficult, particularly when you’re trying to juggle all of your other company responsibilities with designing or updating your neglected business website. With new software, emerging technologies and constantly evolving SEO algorithms changing the face of web design every day, it can be very frustrating to create and maintain a good company website that keeps pace with the constantly shifting marketing terrain online, but our Naperville web design company, Design and Promote, can suggest three great ways to maximize your SEO while minimizing the costs.


Keep It Simple

 Sometimes the easiest way to compete on the Internet is to be the site that whispers while everyone else is trying to out-shout each other. Naperville web design experts agree that websites with a simple design often come out ahead in search results because they are executed cleanly. A simple layout that’s easy to navigate and a “less is more” color scheme can be very attractive to visitors who already have sensory overload from browsing the ‘Net.


Choose two or three colors for your website, but no more than that. Naperville web design specialists can help you choose colors that are interesting without being overpowering. For variety, you can use different shades or tones of key colors for added impact. With more than three colors, your site might become cluttered looking, which leaves visitors with the impression you’re unprofessional or disorganized. Keep individuals with visual problems in mind as well – a color blind visitor shouldn’t have too much difficulty navigating through your site if a Naperville website design professional has developed a palette with good color values and strong contrast.


A Naperville Design Company That Offers SEO And More

You may be wondering how your Naperville web design could impact your search engine rankings. It’s pretty simple – a sleek, streamlined site loads more quickly. The speed at which a site loads is taken into consideration in most SEO algorithms. A slow site gets a lower ranking. Visitor response to your site is also crucial; if lots of people are visiting but they get too frustrated because your page loads slowly, they will quickly get bored and move on to a more interesting site. Search engines notice when your site isn’t getting any traffic that stays around for a while, and your ratings will drop accordingly. Even the greatest Chicago SEO company won’t do you any good if they give you great content that nobody ever reads because they’ve left in frustration. The best combination is a simple site with interesting content. As a Naperville web design company that’s also an outstanding Chicago SEO company, Design and Promote can give your website everything it needs for improved SEO.



Develop Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages are the secret weapon of the best Chicago SEO company professionals. These are pages that are each optimized for a particular keyword or keyword phrase targeting individual products or services you provide. Consult with a Chicago SEO company to develop a list of strong keywords and develop a separate page for each one. To ensure plenty of traffic to each one, don’t forget to add keyword rich meta descriptions and title tags. The more landing pages you have, the most traffic you’ll get, and the more user-friendly your website will be. By providing lots of landing pages, you’re ensuring that Internet browsers can quickly go directly to the page that is most relevant to them, making it more likely that they will stay and make a purchase or request additional information.


Blog It!

Professional bloggers are increasingly being recognized as experts in their respective fields. Hopping into the blogosphere is a great way to become noticed. Regularly writing blog articles can be time consuming, but adding even a little bit of fresh content on a regular basis can give you an impressive ROI. Updating your blog every week can give your rankings a real boost and the interactive nature of blogs encourages increased incoming traffic. The web design for your blog should also include a forum where others can log in and add to the conversation. It will encourage repeat visits and can generate real buzz about your company. If you simply don’t have the time to become a regular writer, a Chicago SEO company like Design and Promote can provide the content at surprisingly affordable rates.