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We know you’ve done it. You’ve contemplated trying to design your own website; you’ve even checked out some of the popular, pre-packed templates that promise professional results for next to Web design Aurora IL nothing. It’s okay to check these out – after all, we look at the competition ourselves on occasion to see what the latest in pre-fab web designs are offering. Without fail, we quickly come to the conclusion that there is no substitute for working with a real, live web designer who can listen to your needs and respond with the perfect design and the proper code to keep your company’s website running smoothly. So go ahead – try out a few DIY systems, then come talk to us at Design & Promote. We’re confident you’ll be impressed and bit relieved. Here’s why:

Website Design Templates Are Cookie Cutter

 They are called templates for a reason. There are only so many variations on a theme, and building a website with templates will inevitably lead to the creation of a site that looks an awful lot like a bunch of other websites. Do you want to blend in or stand out? At Design & Promote, you’ll never be just another face in the crowd because we don’t use templates that have been used a thousand times before. Building from the ground up ensures a website design that has the unique stamp of your business and enhances your brand recognition.

Aurora Web Design That’s Ahead Of The Curve

 Websites that offer you a selection of predesigned templates are inevitably behind the curve and always playing catch-up. Rather than setting the standard or creating a trend, these sites are watching for the next big thing so that they can copy it. Our website designs are innovative, cutting-edge programs that set standards rather than trying to meet them. Over the years, websites have become more complex because they offer more options every year. You don’t want to offer a limited menu of options to your site visitors. You want to offer them intuitive response, easy navigation and a rich menu of online services that are easy to implement. So stop worrying about whether the template you’re working with has the capability to offer online check-out. If it’s out there, we can give it to you, and you’ll never have to worry about finding the right web design template to meet your needs.

We Are Web Design Specialists

 Which is better – generic or premium? One may cost a bit more, but almost everyone will agree that the generic brand of anything isn’t as attractive, tasty or reliable as its brand name counterpart. If you wouldn’t settle for generic food on your table when you’re entertaining guests, why would you offer a bland, generic website to your customers? We have a creative vision that ensures that you’ll always get high quality pages that are designed to meet your and your customers’ specific needs in a way that is intuitive and easy to implement while looking great. If we create your new Aurora website design, you can rest assured no one is going to say, “Hey, this looks just like the Acme website. Do you use the same web design?”

Truly Responsive Web Design Means Never Having To Say “We Can’t”

 We’ve all been on a website we loved only to discover that when we tried to access it from our mobile phone, tablet or mini, it froze up or looked awful. Missing text, too much scrolling and even missing elements are common when your cookie cutter website is accessed from someone’s cell phone or other electronic device. Responsive web design translates to a website that’s easy to access and navigate no matter what device your customers are using. Design & Promote’s responsive web designs allow you to reach optimal ease of use and a wider audience. We’ll make sure that the online site we create for you will be accessible across multiple platforms regardless of their resolution parameters or the bandwidth they require.

 We Can Fix Whatever Ails Your Site

“Do It Yourself” may save you money in the short term, but what happens when your cookie cutter website crashes or you get a funky error message you’ve never seen before? Very few templates give you tech support when the system is down. At Design & Promote, we’re proud of our customer service record and we’ll always be available to address your concerns, troubleshoot a problem or add on a new feature. The same can’t be said for templates.

We’re Proud To Be Members of the Fox Valley Chamber of Commerce in Aurora

website design fox valley chamber

Bruce Jones, CEO of Design & Promote, is the co-chair of the B2B  Connections Group at Fox Valley Chamber. We are happy to be a part of the Aurora community and create great websites for Aurora businesses.

For the finest Aurora web design available, turn to Design & Promote. We’ll create an original online presence that is uniquely designed to reflect not only your brand identity, but your dedication to customer service and online innovation as well. Browse our online portfolio to see what we have to offer.