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At the cross roads on where to begin your web design process? Picking the right domain name is the first step. As a leading provider of Schaumburg web design services, Design & Promote recognizes that, when it comes to dominating any industry, online image is everything. In order for companies in every field to effectively hold their own in a global economy, business owners must have a prominent web marketing strategy. Without a cohesive web design and online promotional approach, business owners run the risk of being ignored in favor of the competition, not only on a worldwide basis, but also even within their own business backyard.

Choosing A Domain Name: A Key Component To Our Schaumburg Web Design Services

At Design & Promote, our skilled and seasoned Schaumburg web design specialists understand that, while creating a well-designed web layout plays an important role in every online marketing campaign, it’s not the only critical component to overall success. As a leading provider of Schaumburg web design services, we recognize that the first step in creating an effective online image begins with choosing the best domain name for our clients’ businesses.

Key Considerations When Selecting The Right Domain Name For Your Business

When partnering with Design & Promote for your Schaumburg web design services, you’ll work closely with our team of creative professionals to ensure that you receive a customized online marketing solution that optimizes your business’ web presence and impact. Choosing your company’s domain name is an important part of this process; that’s why we offer our clients key tips and considerations to focus on such as:

  • Consistent use of brand: Our online marketing experts know that a cohesive brand image is of paramount importance for optimal success. Our staff of Schaumburg web design professionals will strategize IP addresses that not only include relevant keywords, but also enhance your existing brand strategies for maximum return on investment.
  • Simple and straightforward choices: Many business owners (wrongfully) assume that, in order to grab online attention, they have to have a pithy domain name. This isn’t always the case. While incorporating your brand is critical, getting overly clever can quickly convolute the process. Confusing your targeted demographic can often prove a surefire way for them to move on to other businesses that offer the same services and products. When working with Design & Promote we can help you find an original name that conveys what your business is about without getting overly gimmicky.
  • No special characters: While sometimes a number, hyphen or other special character provides audience impact, all too often it just adds an opportunity for confusion. Having to take the time to spell out all special characters used in your domain name when speaking to customers can feel frustrating for both parties; keeping the special characters out of the IP address helps eliminate potential typos.
  • Finding the right suffix: Finally, when working with our Schaumburg web design team, we can help your business find the right suffix for your IP address. Using .com is always preferable, but if that’s not a possibility, we can work with you to find an appropriate domain name suffix that will still help get your business the traffic that it deserves.

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