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Whether you are a beginner in SEO or an intermediate user, we’ve cultivated 10 of our best SEO and marketing posts to help you refresh your mind and help you prepare for SEO trends of the New Year.

So, sit down with a nice cup of tea, coffee or hot beverage of choice and
follow us as we take you through some powerful lessons that will help your business.

Facebook Twitter and Google+ picture guides1. Picture Perfect Images for Social Media

Do you know the correct photo sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Google+? If not, this post will show you the dimensions for posting your best looking photos on social media ever.


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blog post on inbound marketing tips2. 16 Inbound Marketing Tools Your Company Should Be Using

Inbound marketing strategies put you on the path with someone who is already looking for your product or service. These 16 inbound marketing tools will help you align with the right people at the right time!


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local google authorship workshop3. Setting Up Google Authorship

Ever wonder how to get your photo to show up next to your content when it displays in a search engine results page? Google Authorship is an essential search engine optimization technique that is simple to set up. UPDATE: On August 28th, 2014 Google announced that it has stopped showing authorship in search results. However, Google will keep social features. The company said that Google+ posts from friends and pages would continue to show in the main search results on the right-hand side.

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best way to build backlinks for seo4. Building Backlinks—The Right Way

The old way of doing SEO was to have loads of backlinks pointing to your website, and it didn’t matter where the backlinks came from. Not only is this technique outdated, it is detrimental to your search rankings; Google penalizes companies for bad backlinks. Read this post to learn about the best ways to build and gain quality backlinks.

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Seminar recap on press releases for SEO power5. Power Of A Press Release for SEO

Did you know that a single Press Release could help you boost your company’s search rankings? Learn how SEO and traditional press releases can help you position your business for success.

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seo action plan for beginners6. The Easy-To-Implement SEO Action Plan for Beginners

Is SEO completely foreign to you? Well just like the concepts for learning a new language—you begin to understand what people are saying first before you’re able to speak it—learning SEO is no different. This blog post is perfect for beginners in SEO that will help them bridge the gap between listening and speaking SEO.

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How to do a search in social media search engines7. How to Do a Search in Social Media

Did you know that even though Google indexes social media profiles, it only has access to public information? Therefore, you might not be getting the full benefits of learning about your target audience from Google or other search engines alone. This is where doing a search in internal social media search engines becomes necessary.

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writing blog posts for seo8. How to Write The Perfect Blog Post for SEO

Writing the perfect blog for SEO is quite easy once you have a general format for optimizing your blog posts. Read on to learn about the best places to plug-in keywords throughout your blog posts.

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blog ideas for businesses9. Best SEO Blog Ideas for Businesses

Running out of business blog ideas? Review our presentation and download our business blogging planning worksheet for help on crafting up ideas for your blog. Blogs are one of the best SEO tools that help businesses connect with customers and increase search rankings.

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Naperville SEO and Web Design Companies10. Good SEO but no customers? Check Your Web Design

SEO is only part of the equation for attracting more customers. If your website isn’t optimized to provide a great user experience, your customers won’t stay long enough on your site to close a sale. Contact a good Naperville Web Design firm for designing a website that provides an exceptional web experience for your customers.








Thanks for reading the Design & Promote blog! We hope these articles helped inspire you to build a great SEO strategy for your business. If you would like more help with SEO, Web Design or Social Media Marketing, please reach out to us!