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Our Lead Developer and WordPress expert Brent Tyson did an excellent job of presenting a seminar on “Business Blogging” to customers and friends of Design & Promote at our most recent Effective Inbound Marketing Seminar. For those of you who missed it, he had a lot to say, especially about the importance of having a blog on your workshop on business blogs

“Websites with blogs have 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages than those who don’t,” Brent said, “and having a blog can help a business establish a personal connection with customers, showcase products and services, establish credibility and boost search engine optimization.”

Brent also spoke about the advantages of using WordPress blogging software and then went on to give suggestions on how to generate blog content. Some of his suggestions included:

• Industry Data, such as reports, best practices, educational content or thought-provoking viewpoints.
• Case Studies & Customer Success Stories
• Contests and Giveaways Add Media
• Lists and Checklists
• Creative ideas for your products
• Infographics, created or shared
• Fun videos
• Viewpoints on current industry news, social media discussions or trending topics
• Curated Lists
• Industry Related Book Reviews
• Audio Content (podcasts, interviews, etc.)
• Q & As
• Guest Blog Articles
• Material from Other Sites (;, etc.) with your own prospective added.

Brent also emphasized the importance of using images in your blog and gave a checklist of other elements that make a blog complete, shareable and search engine optimized such as social media buttons, RSS feed and keywords in headline text.

Brent also distributed a Business Blogging Planning Worksheet to help businesses determine their blog’s target audience, goals, posting schedule and content ideas.  Here is a copy of the presentation in PDF format. Click Here to download.

“The most effective blogs have a definite target audience and regularly post SEO content of real value to the reader,” he said. “By doing so, businesses can establish themselves as a credible, knowledgeable source for customers and prospective customers as well.”

Design & Promote has helped hundreds of businesses add a blog to their website or increase their site visitors by optimizing the one they have. If you need help with your blog, contact us today.