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How old are your professional photos on LinkedIn? Or how old are the photos of your products?  Keep Images of you and your business up to date so that your online presence remains interesting and credible.

We believe that the best way for most brands to create a professional presence online is to utilize professional business photography services. Don’t rely on your phone to handle all of your marketing photography. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to paint a bathroom. Makes no sense, right? In this blog post we share how we can help you set your business a part from the competition through customized business photography.

While the thought of outsourcing your business photography to our professional team may initially feel like an unnecessary expense, it’s important to remember that your print and online image may be the only opportunity you’ll get to make an impression. Can you afford to pass on business photography services? Maybe, but in the long run that isn’t the most cost effective strategy.

Here are some of the benefits of Hiring a professional business photographer:

  • Expert advice from a Chicago professional photographer: Taking high-quality images means having access to a quality digital camera and a top-notch photographer. Partnering with our team to manage your business photography needs means your images will be taken to capture the most appealing aspects of your organization. We can offer our insight on best practices and help you showcase your business in the best light.
  • Professional photo retouching on all images: While it is argued that if anyone has a smartphone and an Instagram app, he or she can be a photographer. But beyond the filter feature, even the best executed shot often needs a little editing and tweaking to truly deliver. Not only do we take the photos for your organization, we will also crop and edit them to integrate seamlessly onto any online medium. Such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Custom sized print and online photos: All of our high-resolution images can be used in a wide variety of marketing formats. Whether you’re looking to enhance your online marketing campaigns, or choose graphics for print handouts, we’ll quickly be able to put together a versatile portfolio and photo gallery based on your needs.
  • Integrated visual marketing strategies: Best of all, when partnering with our team you’ll not only be working with a team of photography professionals; you’ll also be partnering with a leading online marketing powerhouse. Our team of experts will be able to create customized campaigns and initiatives designed to showcase your company’s best attributes and launch it to new heights.
  • Use Google To Show Off Your Images:  A recent addition to our line of photography services is our Google 360 Virtual Tour Photography. We are based in Naperville, IL, but we travel all over the Chicago area to shoot virtual photos for businesses and corporations. These virtual tours are perfect for customers to “see inside” your business from behind any computer or device. For any business or corporation that wants to expand it, integrating a virtual tour photo into Google Places is a smart move.

View Our Google 360 photo for Players Indoor Sports Center in Naperville: