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chicago seo company website analytics tipsHow many people visit your website every day? Every month? Annually? If you don’t know, you’re missing out on valuable information. Tracking this information should be a part of every Internet marketing strategy. When you want to know how cold it is outside, you look at a thermometer. When you want gauge the effectiveness of your website what do you do? Do you look to your phone and measure how many calls you’re getting? Or do you look at your website’s analytics?

Put down the phone, look away and log into your web analytics. There’s a better way to review your website.


Websites are a major marketing tool for most businesses these days, it only makes sense to make sure that tool is working for you, but you can’t do that without examining the metrics. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

It’s possible to track website metrics using a web analytics tool. Our Chicago SEO company is currently offering  installation of a web analytics tools on business websites so you can better gauge the effectiveness of your website and use that information to make sound business decisions. More on that at the end of this post.


What Web Analytics Can Do For Your Business

How does website analytics help you with your SEO and get more leads? Web analytics tools can measure, collect, analyze and report website data. It’s a way of conducting market research, which businesses can then use to improve the effectiveness of the website.

We know from our experience as a Chicago SEO company that website analytics provide a lot of valuable information about website traffic and the behavior of visitors on your site. But web analytics tools aren’t limited to measuring the effectiveness of the website alone. They can also be a great way to find out if your print or broadcast campaigns are having an impact on your target audience. If you’re not setting up Google Ads or PPC right, you might just be wasting money.

With web analytics tools you can easily see web traffic changes after you launch a new ad campaign. Therefore, monitoring the effectiveness of onsite and off-site  ad campaigns becomes easier. You can track the number of site visitors, the number of page views, find out which pages are most popular, and see how many views actually lead to conversions.


Common Problems that our Chicago SEO Company Can Address From Looking at Web Analytics

We can get a lot of information from website analytics. Armed with that information we can make adjustments to your website or web marketing strategy. For example

1. If you’re getting a lot of visitors, but they aren’t converting, it could mean:

  • You need better calls to action on your website
  • You need to revamp your current website copy
  • You need a better web design

2. If you are not getting very many hits on your website, you might want to:

  • Add SEO to boost your visibility online and help you land more visitors
  • Try other marketing strategies to help bring more visitors to your website

3. If you want to know who is visiting your site as a way to identify leads:

  • You can dig in and see what companies have viewed your site specifically and would be good targets for outreach.

Whether you’re gauging your SEO strategy by the number of phone calls or trying to understand your website analytics, we’re here to help you get better results from your website.


Contact Design & Promote’s Chicago SEO Team to Install Website Analytics

If you aren’t tracking your web analytics and want to get started, contact Design & Promote. Mention this post and we’ll install web analytics on your site for FREE- no charge, no catch. We’ve got the experts on staff to help you with your website needs. Our Chicago SEO company also provides SEO, web design and development, branding, content writing, graphic design and photography, social media marketing, and website maintenance.