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Two-thirds of small businesses had a website in 2018. Business websites are incredibly important in today’s market and must be built correctly, or you waste time and money. There are a number of design factors commonly overlooked when designing a website. Do not ignore these pitfalls as you plan your sitemap and navigation.

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Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Consider the following statistics:

  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone
  • As of 2019, mobile devices account for over 40% of online transactions (Petrov, 2019).
  • 80% of mobile usage comprises of app use

Mobile devices are used more during in-store shopping trips and factor heavily into our everyday lives. Modern websites need to be optimized for mobile and a changing customer landscape.

Mobile-friendly websites affect user experience and your search engine rankings on Google. Your business website must be responsive and display your brand effectively on many types of mobile devices. Users must be able to navigate your website easily, read content, and click links to information they need. If your site takes longer than five seconds to load, you will lose potential customers out of frustration. Any of these factors can diminish the user experience on mobile and will cause a major issue for your company’s longevity.

Website Contact Information

Potential customers will want to reach you and you have to make initiating contact as easy as possible for inquiries. Many websites often don’t have enough information about their businesses and lose out on potential customers who cannot contact them.

Include a Contact Form

Your contact information should already be on the site, but reinforce the idea to reach out to your company. A contact form is another method for site visitors to contact your business. These are more convenient than having to call or open a new email. Present your clients every opportunity to connect with you.

Use Effective H1 and H2 headings

Heading tags make it easier for people and search engines to scan the content of your website. Heading tags format and organize your website to make it easier for site visitors to read. Google to sorts through your site content and parses out data for search queries. Search engines crawl sites and know what is important, what content is relevant to search terms, and where to look for useful data that can lead to improving search rankings. When you plan out your site pages, organize your content and utilize heading tags.

Smaller Details Help 

There are many minor factors to remember when building your site. Make sure to create a favicon. Favicons are small icons for your brand that appear on computer web search tabs opened to your company. They provide an extra measure of branding for you and add a professional touch versus sites that do not have one. Customers who search and open multiple tabs will be able to find your window easier and recognize your brand much better.

If a site visitor goes to a page that does not exist on your site, they may leave and never return. Create a custom 404 page to replace the generic one. Make the custom page fun and include links and directions to other parts of your website. A basic “404 error, page not found” screen can discourage people from exploring your site any further.

Designing a website for your business requires many pieces to be effective. A series of small mistakes can drastically affect your user experience. Search rankings, website traffic, and brand engagement will suffer from frustrated users. Plan your website carefully and recognize these common website design mistakes. Distinguish yourself from other companies by avoiding the same pitfalls most other businesses ignore.

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