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If you’ve moved or changed your physical address, phone number or other business information recently, it’s more important to implement an internet change of address as soon as possible. Between directory listings, yellow pages, Google profiles and maps, social media, etc., you undoubtedly have hundreds or thousands of places on the internet where your listing includes your outdated contact information.  It’s even more overwhelming to discover how many of these listings need to be updated individually. We know, because we’ve been through it!change Google address for business

Our company, Design and Promote, moved our headquarters to 1952 McDowell Rd. two years ago.  Since we are a Chicago SEO company, it’s important for Design & Promote to be “findable” and rank highly in the search engines at all times. Therefore, our name and address appears in hundreds of directory listings, social media and electronic publications on the internet to help our customers find us, and also boost our own SEO.  It was more important than ever that our internet change of address was complete and immediate so each time our physical address appeared in the “contact us” section, it was correct.


1) Update the Internet Address on Your Website. This sounds obvious, but many business owners actually fail to do this as a first step.  Since many sites are probably linked to your website, this first step will updated your address on many different sites.

2) Change Address Online on Other Sites. This step is more difficult, time-consuming and can very quickly become overwhelming. When we moved, we fixed the address change in the most obvious places, such as the groups we belonged to and the directories where our name was regularly referenced. These measures corrected about 40,000 listings on the internet.  Then we had to do the third step….

3) Locate Remaining Sites and Create a Process to Change Address Online. When we performed another Google search, we found an additional 2,000 sites that we needed to correct individually.  Using Google webmaster tools we were able to find these sites and “submit to index” to update as quickly and easily as possible.


Are you wondering if there are still any websites out there that list your former contact information? Are you anticipating having to change your address online and wonder how many places your current information appears? We can tell you.

Fill out the form below to enter your information and receive a FREE report from Design & Promote that will list the sites where Google still indexes your former business address.  Then, if you need help in updating your listings, Design and Promote’s change address online service will locate and correct the listing for you.  Using our tools and expertise, we can easily make changes to industry specific directories that you may appear in, as well as any citations and backlinks.

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Remember, the internet only works if the information you place there is accurate and up-to-date.  Let Design & Promote help with our Internet Change of Address service.  Contact us today.