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Every website should ask the visitor to take action, such as register for a class, purchase now, request a quote, call for a consultation or make a donation. It’s the job of your website’s content and design to make this happen before the site visitor returns to surfing.

Here is a list of questions to evaluate your website design’s ability to convert visitors. An area of weakness may mean a re-design is necessary!

1) Does your Website Immediately Define What Your Company Does?

You have 3-5 seconds to capture the interest of your visitors. Can they tell immediately from your home page what your company does? Look at this example:


Neither the images nor the headline tells us quickly enough what the company does. Visitors would have to read the “who we are” section to find out. Tell them quickly what you do or they may move on.

After a Redesign, can you tell what this company does?


2) Do You Have A Strong and Accessible Call to Action?

You should clearly ask the site visitors if you want them to request a quote, donate, join, etc., by using a “call to action” button on the home page. The easier you make it for them to get to the place they take action, the more likely they will be to go there. Click Here for some call to action buttons that you can incorporate to achieve this goal.

If you want your readers to call you, list the telephone number someplace obvious, like the top right hand corner, on the home page. Don’t make visitors click on “contact us” to find it!

Finally, don’t be shy about including a call to action on every page. Each can be a breadcrumb leading to the ultimate desired action.



3) Is Your Website Engaging and Readable?

Your content should be up-to-date, engaging and above the fold, meaning the most important information is immediately visible on the browser’s screen. Break up big copy blocks with bullets and headlines so even “skimmers” get the message. Use animation prudently so readers are intrigued but not overwhelmed.

4) Does your imagery help sell your product?

If you are selling a product, invest in good, clear and appealing photography. If not, make sure your stock images are relevant and use a “less is more” philosophy. Take a look at this bakery website:


We have too many small images here. A re-design resulted in a much more appealing image for the website.




If your company website needs help with these 5 steps, or certain design elements put in place, Design & Promote offers SEO-friendly web-design services. Contact us today for a free SEO or Web Design Quote.