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Finding the best Chicago SEO company requires more than a basic search in the search engine- it is about customer service and results, not paid rankings.

With the importance of internet marketing in Chicago, it seems logical that finding the best Chicago SEO company to get your business recognized would simply require a quick type into a search engine. But, finding a reliable and trustworthy firm for Chicago search engine optimization isn’t so easy. Some SEO firms exploit search engine systems by actively using paid rankings in both the search engines themselves and within websites and directories.Top SEO awards

Try typing top SEO companies in Chicago into Google: what you find is several directory sites that advertise the best Chicago SEO companies. Internet users trust such directories to guide them towards the best services available to them. However, a closer inspection of your search for the best Chicago search engine optimization company, you will also find that there is no correlation between the top SEO companies from the internet marketing directories and the organic search rankings in Google, or for that matter the local communities. This is no coincidence.

SEO companies are constantly fighting to get their name to the top of search lists- after all, getting higher rankings and in turn more business is there job. That is exactly the problem at hand. A sure-fire way to get a number one spot is by finding a website or, like,, and, which is already getting visitors and paying for a spot on the list. The same even exists for Chicago web design services, like and This is a paid advertisement listing that offers all of the prestige of being a top SEO company, without having any basis in providing a high quality product to their clients. Ranking subject to financial investments are a common occurrence, and an unfortunate byproduct of online marketing.

The best SEO company in Chicago should be judged by the SEO they do for themselves. How can you expect to be receiving the highest quality Chicago search engine optimization if the company isn’t even able to perform the services for their own business? When looking for the best SEO in Chicago, there are four key elements to qualifying an inbound marketing company:

1)      Customer Service: Chicago SEO requires excellent customer service. Customers need to see the results they pay for. With a Chicago SEO and web design company like Design & Promote, customers will get what they ask for and more. We meet with clients consistently throughout our contracts and beyond; we offer free meetings, tips, and seminars and are always available for questions and advice without charge; and we truly care about the growth and success of each business we work with.

2)      Client Experience: We want our clients to get the best experience in working with us. We have a physical location with customized SEO and internet marketing packages. Unlike large SEO firms with cookie-cutter SEO techniques and limited customer contact, Design & Promote’s locally-based Chicago internet marketing company develops a personal relationship with each business we work with. This way, we better understand the needs of our clients and generate the best inbound marketing strategies for them. Our reviews serve as a testament to the customer satisfaction and unique experience we strive for.

3)      Responsiveness: Both our Chicago SEO firm and our product are responsive for our clients. As a firm, we aim to help clients and the local community in every possible way. We are always there for clients and do what they ask promptly. Design & Promote’s primary objective is to satisfy clients and get their business noticed. With this goal in mind, our product is always of the best quality and we make sure it gets the results that the customer is hoping for. No matter what the question or concern, Design & Promote is available to respond at any time.

4)      Trust and Respect: The best search engine companies in Chicago, or anywhere for that matter, strive to gain the trust and respect of their customers. Here at Design & Promote, we are honored to be recognized as prominent figures in the local community as a result of the professional services we provide and our efforts in helping to grow and better the community by giving back. The testimonials, recommendations, and recognition from our clients are the best representation for what our company is and does.

People who simply do a search for the top person are just choosing someone who bought their way to the top, no differently than pay-per-click advertising. There are websites like, where Design & Promote is ranked number 4, but the way to get to the top is to pay for the spot. This is something that we would never do. We made the climb ourselves; it’s like a marathon. While others are running looking for shortcuts to get to the finish line first, we run the streets ourselves. So, we may not have the number one paid spot for top SEO Chicago, but from looking at our own SEO and our company values, it is clear that the offer the best SEO and inbound marketing services Chicago has to offer. We will prove that we are the best and show you all that our Chicago SEO services can offer with a free consultation and meeting about our services.