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Chicago branding company provides insight on how to go about a successful rebrand for your business with logo design, marketing, website design, and Chicago SEO.

And so, the time has come for your company to implement a business rebrand. Maybe you have evolved or grown as a company and wish to update your company perception. Perhaps you need a noticeable change to gain attention and outshine competitors. And even more common is when a business chooses to rebrand in order to move their company in a new direction or reflect different values and goals than at the conception of the brand. Chicago SEO Company Design & Promote is an expert Chicago branding company, and having undergone a rebrand phase ourselves, we understand the needs and desires that appear in the rebranding process. Regardless of your motives for changing the perception of your brand, the experts of our Chicago branding company provide insight on how to successfully redefine the image of your company.

How to Implement a Successful Rebrand

When looking to revamp your brand, there are a number of things you need to consider. While the best comebacks occur with the strategy of a professional branding firm, our Chicago branding company explains to those looking to rebrand that there are many things that can also be done internally by the brand to rebrand your business

  1. Question your goals: What is your purpose for rebranding? What do you hope to achieve? Setting appropriate goals will help to you recreate your brand efficiently and effectively. The first step in rebranding is building a rebranding strategy, where you can plan out what you are to do and how you will get there. Most hired firms like our Chicago branding company will spell out each step for you, but even before choosing professional branding, there are plans of your own to make. To stick with your goals, make a physical plan so that you are more bound to stick to it and that others can get involved in the project.
  2. Think like a customer: The target of rebranding is to change the perception of a brand for prospective customers. Thus, our Chicago branding company and others will tell you that it is important to consider the consumer when building a brand. Think, how do clients perceive the brand now? What do they wish that you could change? What do competitors do better, or how could you build a better image in relation to your field? What does your current brand identity project and what do you wish it would project? Determining answers to these questions and others gives you direction to rebrand your business into something that reflects your brand well and appeals to the people consuming your goods and services.
  3. Be creative: A little creativity goes a long way. The best brands are those that use creativity to generate social relevance and better serve customers. Innovative ideas attract a whole new audience. A simple yet striking marketing campaign gets people talking about you. This is where the importance of logo design comes in. Our Chicago branding company’s graphic designers stress the need for a unique and powerful logo as one of the best ways on how to rebrand a business. Our Chicago SEO and web designers also explain how necessary it is to have creative rebranding stretch across the areas of advertising, social media, and website content.
  4. Stay relevant: The reason that companies rebrand a business in the first place is because the brand has become outdated or irrelevant. So, to avoid that problem in the future, a key component of how to rebrand a business is knowing how to stay up-to-date. Find the winning formula for your brand, but don’t be afraid to incorporate something new. Customers like to see change and discover something new; their wants and needs are quick to change. The industry is always evolving and being able to stay relevant with the changes will make you better than your competitors. As times change, stay in tune with the specifics of your target demographics and competitors in the field.

What it Looks Like to Rebrand your Business

British high fashion label Burberry is just one example of a successful rebrand. Until the turn of the 21st century, the label had become associated with gangexamples of successful business rebrands culture and violence. But with the hire of a new creative director, the label cut back on items bearing the trademark pattern and revamped the label with an aura of luxury and exclusivity. The image rebrand was associated with big ad campaigns featuring top celebrities. Their rebrand strategy achieved its goals, as Burberry has launched a beauty line, opened 50 stores in 2010, and opened 25 stores in 2013.

American Airlines may be an industry leading carrier today, but this was not always the case. Despite upgrades and changes, AA was not getting appreciation or additional attention from customers. Everything changed with a rebrand strategy. In an extensive global market, AA created a distinctly American identity that resonates with customers and their American pride. When the airline launched the reinforced American brand, their growth exploded immediately- quite visible both through sales and their social media presence.

Move Forward with your Rebrand

If you are ready to grow your business, revive your image with a business rebrand. Our Chicago branding company experts shared the top tips on how to rebrand your business; but if you need more insight, contact our branding experts for a consultation or collaboration. Whether you are changing your business strategy or just the way your clients and the public perceive you, a rebrand campaign is the path to success. Let us rebrand your business and finally get noticed!