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Rev3 business incubator naperville event with design and promote

We’re thrilled to partner with Rev3 in Naperville for a live WordPress event. We’re going to use Rev3’s website as an example and show you how to search engine optimize a WordPress website.

Using Rev3’s website as an example, we will explain the necessary steps to optimize their website and put them in place live. Our SEO team will guide Rev3 through a series of questions to help them think like their customers and discover keywords for their website. Once the right keywords are decided upon, you’ll get to see us put them in the right places. You’ll also learn ways to measure success with your SEO strategy.

This is unique opportunity for audience members to learn the process for good keyword research.

When: Tuesday, March 24th

Where: Rev3, NIU Naperville

1120 E Diehl Rd, Naperville, IL


Time: 6-8PM

Topics Covered:

  • How to think like a customer—if they’re asking you they’re probably asking Google.
  • Using Google’s Keyword Planner to the right keywords.
  • Where to use keywords on your website.
  • Using web analytics to look at traffic, bounce rates, referrers, and keywords.
  • And more….

Who’s presenting?

Bryan Gay, Co-Manager and Nicholas Z., Co-Organizer for Rev3 Innovation Center

Bruce Jones | CEO of Design & Promote

Joe Roppo | SEO Director at Design & Promote

John Bruehler | SEO Strategist at Design & Promote

Over 90% of websites have not been search engine optimized. Wouldn’t you rather be part of the top 10%? So what do you say? Ready to learn how to Rev up your WordPress website with search engine optimization?