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Design & Promote is proud to present a free webinar alongside VisiStat to teach attendees about LeadCaster. The webinar will take place on April 27, 2012 at 11 a.m. CST. web-visitor-tracking-lead-capture

Attendees can participate in the webinar in two different ways. They can either use their computer’s microphone and speakers to access it online via

LeadCaster provides businesses with detailed contact information of the businesses that visit their website. Companies can see the visitors, or potential leads, that are browsing their site, and the exact keywords they came there for. It’s a great way to increase leads, but more importantly it’s a way to capture warm leads and decrease the necessity of cold calling for sales people.

“LeadCaster is like caller ID for your website. Have you ever wondered who’s visiting your site and wished that you could know how to contact them? LeadCaster can help. It works by identifying all your nameless website visitors and can even tell you how they found your site. It’s a pretty amazing sales tool and we’re excited to show it off to attendees at our webinar,” said Bruce Jones, CEO of the Chicago SEO firm Design & Promote (http://www/

As a web design and SEO company, LeadCaster works hand in hand with Design & Promote’s services. In order to make sure your web visitors are getting the information they need from your website, Design & Promote increases your company website’s usability and visibility on the internet.  Our  expert web designers and SEO strategists will work together to ensure that its clients rise to the top of the search engines. However, we aren’t satisfied with simply getting you to the top. We will concentrate our efforts on keeping you in that coveted top spot of the search engines.

“We want to make our service accessible to businesses of every size and we know there’s no one size fits all website marketing package. Having a website isn’t enough — you need to work to make sure that your potential customers can find their website. Once they’ve found your site, a program such as LeadCaster can help identify them so you can turn those warm leads into paying customers.” said Jones.

To learn more about LeadCaster, please register or sign up online at: