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social media marketing chicagoBusinesses are challenged not only to attract new customers but also to keep the ones they have. This retention is referred to as brand loyalty and ties directly to a brand’s identity. A brand’s identity, or reputation, is often the first thing a customer knows about a product. It’s what draws them in to try the product or service for the first time. Brand loyalty, on the other hand, refers to not only repeat business, but also recommendations from your customers to others. Building brand loyalty is the ultimate goal of any business and social media marketing in Chicago can aid these efforts.


Social Media Marketing Chicago Businesses Influence Brand Loyalty

Building brand awareness is the key to developing brand loyalty. After all, consumers can’t be loyal to a brand they’ve never heard of! That said, not all branding efforts are successful and you can lose customers with a misstep, just as easily as you can earn them.


Social media marketing plays a big role in building brand awareness these days. Social media is a form of word-of-mouth advertising – some of the most effective advertising you can ask for. If you’re online and, in particular, on social sites, you’ve made it very, very easy for consumers to share information about your business, products, or services….for good or bad. One click and you’re “liked”, your product or content is shared with the consumers’ friends and family, and suddenly your sphere of influence just got a whole lot bigger. On the flip side, one negative experience or comment from one customer has the potential to reach all of your followers and seriously hurt your business.


Active Management Of Social Sites Is Key


With so many people connected to social sites and using them several times a day, businesses absolutely must be marketing on these sites to remain competitive. A business’ presence on social media will generate more sales and more potential customers by building brand awareness. Your participation can’t be static though. The whole point of social media is to interact and connect with your customers, so make sure you have someone available to monitor your sites, posts, and the comments received. Respond to comments on your page – the good and the bad. The person who posted it will be impressed that they were noticed and everyone else who is a fan of the page will see the interaction, which will hopefully boost their opinion of you and your dedication to customer service.


Don’t Forget About Your Loyal Fans

It’s not all about attracting new customers though. Social media gives you the chance to develop a stronger connection with existing customers and there are actions you can take to further bolster that relationship. Keep in mind that once someone becomes a fan or a follower, they will often share about your brand. You can capitalize on that relationship by offering them some value in return. You can give them a “thank-you” Starbucks gift card or a product discount for every referral; these are just two examples. Giveaways and discount codes are commonly used on social sites to encourage followers to share social media content within their own groups. The important thing to remember is to keep your fans happy. Nurture them by showing your appreciation.

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