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LinkedIn recently expired its products & services tabs on April 14, 2014 and replaced them with “Showcase Pages”. You might have not even realized it until now! And you better hurry to claim your page’s URL because there are a limited amount of names to choose from.

What Are Showcase Pages Good For?

We like to refer to these pages as your “Spotlight Pages.” Each page acts as a spotlight that shines on the different aspects of your business that users can follow. For instance, we have clients that are only interested in web design so we’ve created a LinkedIn Showcase Page for that aspect of our business. Others are more interested in search engine optimization so we’ve created a page for that as well. Check out a snapshot of our Google 360 Virtual Tours LinkedIn Showcase Page:

linkedin showcase pages

LinkedIn Showcase Page Content

LinkedIn allows you to create up to 10 showcase pages. If your company has a mix of brands and products, create pages to highlight those offerings. We can even create your LinkedIn Showcase pages for you. Having showcase pages presents some opportunities for you to target offerings based on your follower’s interests with your business. Content that you would share on these pages is exclusive to that page’s topic. Just like your company page, you’ll also have access to view analytic data to gauge each showcase page’s performance.

linkedin showcase pages branchLinkedIn Showcase Pages serve as an extension of your company page, so extra maintenance for your LinkedIn profile will be required. You’ll want to post regularly on those pages. Also, your follower’s just might be following your company page plus a showcase page—aim to keep posts unique. Avoid overlapping content so that your follower’s aren’t seeing the same posts twice in their feeds.

Why you should build your LinkedIn Showcase Pages Now

As SEO experts we couldn’t help but notice the unique URL opportunity. The process of getting the page name you want is like a land grabbing mad rush—tons of businesses are trying to grab their page names and no two pages can have the same URL. You have to get in quickly to get the name you want or someone else may take it. Don’t be surprised if there are already slim pickings.

Sample LinkedIn Showcase Page URL structure:

Another additional benefit is the ability for your LinkedIn showcase page to appear in LinkedIn search results.

The example below is our Google 360 Virtual Tour Page:

linkedin showcase page search result



When someone searches “Google 360 Virtual Tour” our showcase page comes up. We took full advantage of claiming keywords that are an exact match to what our customers are searching for.

Let Design & Promote Create Your LinkedIn Showcase Pages

There is a massive opportunity for your business to claim branded keywords or other keywords that are associated with your business, brands or products. But you have to move fast. And we can help you get started. For $200 per page each we will create your pages for you. This includes setting up the right page URL for your business, custom graphics, and content. Contact us to get started today.