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UPDATE: On August 28th, 2014 Google announced that it has stopped showing authorship in search results. However, Google will keep social features. The company said that Google+ posts from friends and pages would continue to show in the main search results on the right-hand side.

When you search the internet lately, have you noticed more photographs of content authors showing up near the listing of their work? Did you know that the photo does more than just dress up a listing; it actually makes your website more findable? Even if your site comes up at the 3rd or 4th position you are going to get more clicks just because people will notice your photo.  Ever wonder how to get your photo to show up next to your content when it displays in a search engine results page?

Google authorship

It’s called Google Plus Authorship and the next workshop at Design & Promote will focus on this relatively new, but very powerful search engine optimization technique.  Design & Promote’s own CEO, Bruce Jones, will conduct the free workshop entitled “Make Your Website More Findable With Google Authorship” on Nov. 20 from 4-6 p.m. in the lower level conference room at our office located in the DynaCom I building at 1952 McDowell Rd. in Naperville.

Bring your laptop. This workshop will be a hands-on experience where you will be able to set up Google Authorship on the spot. Bruce will walk everyone through the process and answer any questions. He will also share the many advantages of adding Google Authorship to your website or blog and explain Google’s approach to indexing and ranking content with and without Google Authorship.

“Google Authorship is a newer search engine optimization technique that is easy to set up, but many businesses don’t think to do it,” Bruce said. “It’s a great way to draw attention to your content and boost your Google ranking for your search engine optimized-blog  or newly designed website.”

“Make Your Website More Findable With Google Authorship” is a free event but registration is required. The workshop is part of a monthly seminar series on internet marketing-related topics hosted by Design and Promote.

Here is an example of Google Plus Authorship in action: Do a Google search for web design and SEO Chicago

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 Here is a link to download the presentation Click Here