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When Chicago law firm Mages and Price needed to update their website, they chose the Naperville web design firm Design & Promote.

“Their old website wasn’t very user friendly,” said Bruce Jones, owner of Design & Promote.  “They were needed three things from us: the ability to make changes on the website themselves; a graphic updating of the site and on-page search engine optimization.”

1.  Website Flexibility with WordPress

The old site, shown below, featured only two of the firm’s three service areas and was also on an older content management system (CMS) that was unable to be updated by the client.

Mages & Price's old homepage

Mages & Price’s old homepage

Design & Promote redesigned the website on WordPress, a very user-friendly content management system used by most of their clients.  Putting the site on WordPress helped achieve M&P’s main objective of being able to control the content of their website and make changes at will.

2. Updated Graphics

Gary Mages, a partner at Mages & Price, was clear that they wanted their site to continue to stand apart from the competition in its visual presentation, just as it always has.  “We didn’t want the typical lawyer look with the scales of justice,” he said.  “Our site has always been more artistic.”  He also still liked many of the elements of the old site.  “Design & Promote really listened.  So instead of abandoning our old design, they incorporated elements of it that we still really liked, like the colors and the vine, into the new one.”

Mages & Price's new homepage by Design & Promote

Mages & Price’s redesigned homepage

Design & Promote’s redesign yielded a new, more user-friendly, updated site. They replaced vertical navigation features with horizontal ones and outlined M & P’s services into three main service areas, rather than two, by adding “litigation” to “real estate” and “collections.”  An attractive call to action form was added to each page of the site to entice visitors to contact the firm with their specific issues, and the improvement has aided customer conversion.  Pages for “events” and a “blog” were also added for M&P to update on an ongoing basis.

“The first design they showed us was the one we went with,” said Gary. “Bruce and his team really listened to what we wanted and then did it.”

3.  SEO to Get Found

Finally, Design & Promote addressed the company’s lack of on-page SEO by researching and selecting the best SEO keywords for the firm and incorporating them into the site’s content.  Title tags, headlines and copy were all SEO optimized and have been successful in helping M&P increase their rankings in the search engines.

Since the site went live in the spring of 2012, Gary said he has had many positive comments from current and prospective customers who have visited. “People always go on it before they commit to us so it is an important presentation of our business,” he said. “Everyone at Design & Promote was great to work with throughout the entire project. We appreciated their creativity and responsiveness.”

To view our work, or to learn more about Mages & Price go to their website here.