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Responsive Websites are a Necessity

Is your website responsive or mobile friendly? If you answered “No” you will definitely want to update your website. As mobile phones and tablets have been on the rise, so has the need for businesses to make their websites mobile friendly. That’s where we come in. At Design & Promote, we provide mobile website design in Naperville and have been in the business of creating and marketing websites for 10 years.

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Why Mobile Website Design?

Over the years, technology has changed and as a result, the way websites are designed has too. Mobile or responsive website design is now necessary. Not only because it is preferred by Google and other search engines, but because mobile searches now exceed desktop searches. A bad mobile website experience is all it takes to lose a potential client.

Another reason and perhaps the most compelling is that since 2010, mobile commerce has increased by over 23 billion. So, people are making more and more purchases via mobile device than ever before. This is a great time to take advantage of another potential avenue to increase your clientele.

Mobile Website Design with Design & Promote

We have been providing mobile website design in Naperville and the Chicago area for 10 years. We know it is a factor when it comes to search engines. Having a responsive or mobile friendly site also increases your website’s potential visibility and having an internet marketing plan on top of that has the potential to rank your business website higher on the SERPs.

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