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Design & Promote has completed a new Chicago Web Design for Katie Overgard, owner of katieOchicago. She motivates people on how they can take items they already own and transform them into new and attractive products. KatieOchicago was looking for a site that would showcase how to be green, save money, and have fun while creating some great redesigned products, like clothing, accessories and even mural painting.

KatieOchicago wanted to be able to show items that were for sale online, and have a place for people to ask questions about their own redesign projects. Design & Promote included a “featured project” page where katieOchicago can blog about the latest projects, and also a shop page for the newest sale items.

About katieOchicago

By using the art of redesign, katieOchicago provides inspiration and instruction on how people can use items they already own and make them fresh and appealing. Step by step instruction on projects help customers save money, save the environment and have fun with art. Beautiful art is not always surrounded by a frame and placed on a wall…it is all around you. Katie wants to show you how to LIVE your art.