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Did you know that Design & Promote hosts free monthly internet marketing seminars in Chicago? Our tutorials are some of the best internet marketing seminars Chicago offers, open to all who are interested. The goal of our free internet marketing events Chicago is to teach people about interesting topics that are valuable to their websites and internet marketing tactics, in turn making better online marketing plans and gaining you more business. We strive to educate people about marketing on the internet and all the elements that ca make their efforts more successful. Furthermore, we aim to make learning to use the internet to your advantage a fun and exciting experience.

At Design & Promote, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from our internet marketing expertise and get educated at no cost to them. When the business was first starting out, CEO Bruce Jones used to hear feedback from other SEO companies that he had to pay if he wanted any help or information from them. From that point on, he promised that he would never charge people looking for education or information. So, when the time came that Design & Promote was now one of the big SEO companies, Bruce decided to start offering free educational seminars to benefit clients, friends, locals, and other businesses alike. Today, internet marketing seminars in Chicago have become a staple for the Design & Promote brand, occurring monthly.

Whether you are new to SEO and looking for beginner tutorials, or seeking more advanced topics to further your online strategy, we present a variety of Chicago Internet marketing seminars. Topics vary each month, ranging from SEO seminars Chicago to web design tutorials Chicago to social media seminars Chicago and more. Our presentations tend to focus on:

  • SEO seminars Chicago
  • Graphic and web design strategies
  • WordPress tutorials
  • Social media trends
  • Blogging for good content and SEO
  • Easy tips to improve your internet marketing
  • Photography lessons
  • And much more!

We’re happy to announce that our Chicago internet seminar attendees are just as motivated to attend the as we are to host them. We are growing! Lately, we’ve been hosting our internet marketing seminars Chicago area locations at Rev3 Dupage, the Naperville Library and Naperville Chamber of Commerce. We are delighted to have been guest speakers at these and other businesses.

Search Engine Optimization—We’ve covered the basics to more advance topics in our SEO seminars Chicago, like making your website more credible by building backlinks and learning how to track and implement keywords that will make a difference in your website conversions.

Inbound Marketing Strategies— Many of our seminars focus on a variety of inbound marketing strategies, including social media, email marketing, and blogging.

Web Design— Another major focus of ours is web design seminars Chicago. Our graphic and web designers show you how to improve graphic and logo making skills, capture beautiful photos, and lay websites out in ways that will convert website visitors into customers.

WordPress—WordPress websites are what we use to design and develop clients’ websites with. Since many sites are hosted on WordPress, our internet marketing seminars Chicago attendees enjoy learning more about building and maintaining a WordPress website, so as to not always depend on their web design agency for assistance.

Design & Promote’s Past Internet Marketing Seminars Chicago

Want to dig through our past Chicago internet marketing events? Easy! Click the ‘past events’ tab below to access all of our past events. We include the notes to each of our internet marketing seminars Chicago so that our attendees can easily revisit our tips and discussions.

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