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chicago-web-development-companyMembership sites offer businesses of every size some impressive benefits and advantages. These sites promote your brand, help build consumer loyalty, and best of all, generate a consistent monthly income from paying customers. Creating membership sites can prove a powerful marketing resource and revenue generator for companies.

While no one can dismiss the perks offered by a member site, many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating one. A few online searches may indicate that “anyone” can start their own site by simply accessing a WordPress domain and downloading various WordPress plugins that claim to manage all the details on your behalf. However, many business owners often find the entire setup process daunting, particularly if they do not have design experience.

Innovative WordPress Development Chicago

Fortunately, you do not have to get overwhelmed and miss out on having a professional membership site. Partnering with Design & Promote can give you access to WordPress development Chicago services that eliminates wasting time and spinning wheels with ineffective methods and tactics. When working with our design team on WordPress development in Chicago, our services will offer you an extensive range of benefits such as:

Customization: You don’t have to force fit a template solution for your membership site. Chances are your business and your members have a set of unique requirements that a basic template cannot sufficiently fulfill. WordPress development in Chicago allows business owners the capability to customize their WordPress website to suit their specific needs, as well as the needs of their paying members. While the sites we create are original and we develop them, we will still utilize third party developed elements such as plugins, extensions, etc. for sites that require certain functionally features. We carry various developers’ licenses with WordPress third party sources, but we will customize as necessary to fit a specific website design.

Regulation Management: Running a membership site requires careful consideration of how you manage the content that should be offered exclusively to your paying customers. For example: the information/content being paid for by your members should not be shared directly to your social media sites. However, as an expert in your industry, you will want to share some information directly to your followers and social media network. We create a plan that ensures you meet the needs of everyone, all while keeping a steady focus on growing your overall membership.

Data Analysis: A custom WordPress developed membership site should include ways to collect membership data. Having access to analytics can help you learn more about customer retention rates, customer value, ROI and more. We offer data collection and analysis as part of our services for WordPress development Chicago. This way you can see your statistics and data to ensure your campaigns for membership growth are working.

Billing Control: Most importantly, you can have your WordPress membership site developed to integrate the billing process. Many membership sites will have WordPress extensions that can manage payment processing. This means you stay focused on what you do best. You and your team can stay on task with your core corporate competencies while the site is helping you run the billing portion of your membership site.

Want to hear more about our Chicago WordPress development services? Visit our website today or contact our team for more information.