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SEO spammers are notorious for sending out spam emails and making cold calls, making the good SEO companies look bad. Stop using outbound marketing to sell inbound marketing!

It is typical problem for those in the search engine optimization business. Countless SEO marketers call and email us, our clients, our colleagues, and our friends, all in hopes of getting some business. They call using Skype and email from remote locations like India without even having a proper business established. These people are trying to sell SEO, but they are not using SEO themselves to sell it. Chicago SEO company Design & Promote does not pay for rankings or use outbound marketing techniques like so many competitors; this is what we believe sets us apart. Our philosophy is this: how can we expect to sell a service if we don’t even use it ourselves? As a large part of SEO specialists use paid-for call and email lists to implore upon people’s lives, they are marketing in the exact way that their services suggest is ineffective.seo inbound vs-outbound marketing

Those SEO specialists are ruining it for the rest of us, who use SEO inbound marketing strategy to sell their services instead of outbound marketing. People are disheartened by the annoying marketing calls and poor quality junk emails that get dragged straight into the trash. And now, anytime the words search engine optimization are brought up, the concept gets directly associated with spam.

Here are some of the biggest elements of SEO spam:

  1. Guaranteed Rankings: No one can guarantee you number one on Google, or even the first page. SEO companies can help you tremendously, but with the constantly changing algorithm, nothing can be promised. A guaranteed top spot comes from paying Google, but this will not satisfy your business’ ROI.
  2. Claims of Google Partnership: Many SEO spam email have scammers claiming to have unique partnerships with Google. This, though, is not possible. Google doesn’t have any such partnerships. Others claim to have cracked the Google algorithm. Again, impossible due to top secrecy and a constantly changing formula to keep people merely speculation.
  3. Fast Results: SEO is a process. It takes time to get top rankings. So, when companies stress quick results, it is clearly spam from a fake company.
  4. Highest Quality, Lowest Price: You get what you pay for. SEO inbound marketing strategy calls for hard work, and hard work is valuable. A good SEO company will charge you a fair price and provide the best quality.
  5. Huge Teams of Experts: SEO spam emails and calls tend to come from a single man in India contacting you from his living room. Yet, they rave about their “teams”, made up of 80+ or 750+ SEO experts working on 150+ or 600+ SEO projects. If you have never heard of the company, and especially if they are reaching out to you, they are not such a powerful team.
  6. Fake Identities: SEO spammers are always using false western names and spam-like Gmail accounts. This is a clear sign not to trust them. Trust a Chicago SEO company that you can see and talk to in real life.
  7. Constant Proposals: If an SEO firms is making multiple attempts to contact you, begging for your business, or even reaches out to you with outbound marketing once, you immediately know that they are not good at what they do.

All too often, our office receives cold calls from these so-called SEO specialists. Our receptionist is left to ask, “you’re an SEO company- are you a good one?” Naturally, the SEO specialist answers yes. Next, our receptionist argues, “Don’t you think that if you were really a good SEO company you wouldn’t need to call people, and instead you would use SEO yourself?”

outbound marketing doesn't sell inbound marketingThese SEO specialists need to stop what they are doing and realize that when prospective clients are in search of SEO, they will Google it. Thus, getting a number one ranking in SEO search results is the best option for gaining customers. So, SEO techniques for search engine sand getting backlinks are crucial. And, having a well-converting landing page gets more business when prospects are already on the page. This landing page should give viewers more information and offer some sort of download to learn more about the company.

The key element of SEO is understanding who to market to. And while most have a spam type of connotation, Chicago SEO company Design & Promote doesn’t try to sell to anyone until they are looking for what we have to offer. Our team is only looking to sell to people who are already out looking for our services, rather than bothering people who are not. If you are prepared to see positive SEO working how it should, reach out to us by giving us a call to talk about our SEO packages and get a complimentary website evaluation.