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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE” error on WordPress Blog?

If you are facing this or even a blank white screen when you try to login to your wordpress blog, you could have been hacked.

Need A Solution For The “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE” error on WordPress Blogs or other PHP sites?

This PHP code error is running rampant through the internet and we just got done fixing several clients blogs that had issues with this this same T_VARIABLE Parse syntax error.

Tracking down all the pieces was quite a chore but we have come up with a solution:

  1. The first step is to eliminate the infection that is allowing this to happen by using the free version of  Super Spyware Cleaner or another good anti spyware program to scan your entire system, the likelihood is great that you have been hit with a or trojan dot Daonol – using the Super Spyware Cleaner to eliminate these or any variations from all of your workstations and computers that you have used to access your wordpress blog is the first step.
  2. Change your logins and passwords immediately
  3. Download a clean copy of WordPress 2.7.1 to your clean uninfected machine
  4. Using an FTP program copy your wp-config file out of wordpress root and eliminate the code that has been injected in the header section save a copy of your cleaned wp-config file to upload later.
  5. FTP all the contents of the fresh copy of WordPress 2.7.1  overwriting your current WordPress installation.
  6. Within your active theme, you will need to remove the injected code out of both the function.php and the index.php as well and ftp the clean copies into your themes folder.
  7. This php injected script has also been found in some of the plugin’s as well, Cforms and WordPress Back Up are two we are aware of that can be affected.

This is an extensive process, but can be handled within an hour or two if you find yourself at the mercy of the T_VARIABLE error, please feel free to contact us.

We are charging $100.00 for this service to get your blog back up and running, if you are interested please email us at info at designandpromote dot com.

We strongly urge you to go through and change login’s and passwords to any accounts that you may have with hosting providers and personal information to help eliminate the continuation of this particular issue