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SEO case study

Design & Promote, Chicago SEO Company, used Deziner Software as a model for an SEO case study.

Background: On March 23rd Design & Promote’s SEO team hosted a seminar at Rev3 Dupage to show attendees how to approach optimizing a website to gain higher search rankings. Deziner Software’s website was used as a live example.

Deziner Software provides financial modeling software to businesses on a national level. Within a 3-week period Design & Promote was able to move Deziner Software from being unindexed to indexed in Google for some of their keywords.

How do you create an SEO campaign for a company with a product that can be used nationally and not just locally? It starts with good keyword research. Our SEO team picked keywords that had good search volume with relatively low search volume and good long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keywords are words that are more descriptive.

For this mini SEO case study we optimized 3 pages on Deziner Software’s website: Homepage, Product Page and Angel Investors Page. See examples below:

Home Page—

Title: Best Business Plan Software – Business Planning Software

Meta Description: Are you looking for the best business software? Our business planning software provides solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Contact us today!

Product Page—

Title: Financial Modeling Software – Financial Forecasting Software

Meta Description: Our business planning and financial modeling software will help you feel confident with your startup business now and in the future. Get your free trial today!

Angel Investors Page—

Title: How to Get Angel Investors – How to Get Funding for a Startup

Meta Description: If your startup business needs to get funding from angel investors, then our software will increase your chances! Get started with your free trial today!



After putting the keywords in place on Deziner Software’s website, we took a look at their website’s analytics. Our SEO team generated a keyword ranking report on April 13th, just about 3 weeks after the keywords were put in to place.

Best business plan software Unindexed #39
Best financial modeling software #106 #16
How to get Angel Investor funding Unindexed #68

“Best business plan software” went from not being indexed to #39 in Google. Being unindexed in Google, means that Google isn’t indexing you for a certain keyword. In this case, Deziner Software wasn’t indexed for “best business plan software”. After we added that keyword to their page, Google placed them relatively higher than expected.

The exact keywords for financial modeling software didn’t show much movement. However, “best financial modeling software” moved from #106 in Google to #16 on page 2 in Google.

Deziner Software wasn’t indexed for any keywords related to Angel Investors. After about 3 weeks, we saw 2 keywords move into positions #68 and #110.

Sometimes it’s hard to say how long it should take to get someone on page one in Google. There are so many moving pieces to creating an effective SEO campaign. We can say that Deziner Software is on the right path and is doing well considering they are competing for national keywords.

The Next Step for Search Engine Optimization

So what’s the next step? To really ramp up the results, it’s best for Deziner Software to include the keywords in their web page content. Keywords should be included on related pages and images. It’s also important for images to be named for a keyword not just “image #2”. Sites will lose SEO points for not having keyword rich image tags.

Beyond what we did in a 2 hour session, we recommend that Deziner Software develops some Off-Page strategies. Off-Page SEO includes building back-links, creating more content to share on other sites and utilizing social media. Off-Page SEO is finding ways to promote your website so that search engines find you as a credible resource.

Want some SEO guidance for your website? Design & Promote is here to help. Contact us today for a free SEO consultation.