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Become a Search Engine Optimization Expert Yourself!
Work with an SEO consultant today.  

Do you want to have a search engine optimized website, but you don’t have the budget? Is your team willing to roll up their sleeves to do most of the work with some training? Our SEO consulting services are the perfect solution!

Design & Promote now offers private one-on-one SEO consulting services for businesses who want to do the heavy lifting and manage their own website with guidance from an expert SEO consultant.

What is included in Our SEO consulting & training classes:

  •  Initial SEO audit of your website including competitor analysis.
  •  4 hours of SEO training & coaching per month at our location or online.
  •  Schedule training times that are convenient for you.
  •  Learn search engine optimization at your own pace. We’ll review past lessons and make sure you understand completely.
  •  Access to premium paid professional SEO tools in our sessions!

What exactly am I going to learn?

Each individual SEO consultation will be tailored to your website and business goals. Learn how to get more sales and leads from your website.

Reach customers right where they are, at your fingertips.

Each session can cover search engine optimization best practices like:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • How to create a keyword ranking report
  • Where is the best place to use the right keywords
  • How to optimize images for Google
  • Best ways to blog for SEO
  • On-page search engine optimization techniques
  • Off-page search engine optimization strategies & resources
  • Building back-links that matter today
  • How to leverage social media for SEO
  • How to measure rankings, visitors, came from, popular pages and goals using web analytics
  • AND More!

How much time do I need?

Every month you will receive 4 hours of training with additional work to complete after. Yes, you will have homework! Plan on having at least an hour of homework after each training session.

How Can We Help?

If you have questions about any of our services, reach out and one of our experts will contact you shortly.

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Game-Changing Results, Delivered

Want to learn more about how our SEO techniques drive more high quality traffic to your website? Reach out today!

1-on-1 SEO training can be done: In-person or Online 

Hire us to train you or your team member! You can come in at our office or  schedule your sessions virtually. Our SEO consulting package is the perfect fit for businesses looking to gain valuable SEO knowledge and implement it.

The Benefits of SEO Training

Become an SEO Expert!
Every hour we have, you’ll get to ask all your SEO questions. Don’t have funds to hire an SEO agency to manage your campaigns? With each session you’ll be receiving the guidance you need to stay on track with your SEO at an affordable rate. our curriculum is based upon your individual needs and their no strict course outline.

You’ll end the struggle with trying to “keep up with SEO”.
You’ll receive direct answers to your SEO questions from an industry expert with 10 years experience.

Practical SEO tips relevant to your needs.
Who wants to sift through all the latest Google trends and figure out what’s applicable to your needs? You’ll be receiving one-on-one training with an SEO expert who can easily identify where your website’s strengths are and what needs work. Bruce will listen to what you marketing goals are and help you align those marketing goals with search engine optimization. After each session, you’ll walkaway with easy take-a-ways and exercises for applying to your website.

You’ll save money!
Doing SEO yourself is going to be way less expense than hiring an SEO team. One-on-one training with an SEO expert and get tailored SEO training based on your website with your individual marketing goals.

You manage your SEO consulting schedule
You are in control on how you want to structure your time. Want to keep a consistent training schedule? We can coordinate days and times that are most convenient to fit your schedule.