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Lately, more and more businesses have discovered the benefits of showcasing their location with a Google 360 photographer. Adding a video tour is the best way to allow prospective customers to experience your business online. Now Design and Promote, in cooperation with a Google 360 photographer Chicago, is offering the opportunity to add Google 360 virtual tours of your location as part of our services.

In panoramic view, with the camera capturing all angles of the location, this version of Google business photos Naperville is the next best thing to taking an actual tour in person.  Using navigational tools, the viewer can look up, down, left, right, or wherever they want to as they virtually travel in and around the establishment.  The technology is the same technology used in “street view” and is available on Google Maps.

Obviously, a Google 360 virtual tour offers the advantage of viewer engagement and interaction within the tour but there are other advantages as well:

1) Because the tour offers a view of the facility from all angles, it offers more information in a shorter period of time. Chances are if the viewer is looking for something specific, they will be able to find it within the tour.

2) The tour generates familiarity, so the customer will be more likely to patronize the establishment once having viewed it.

3) Most viewers perceive a virtual tour as more accurate, and less out of date, than standard pictures.

3) Owners put a lot of thought into creating a mood for their visitors. The Google 360 virtual tour captures not only the function of the establishment but also the atmosphere and essence.

Who Needs Google 360 Virtual Tour?

Almost any business with an appealing space can benefit from Google 360 virtual tour.  However, businesses that welcome in patrons for longer visits and personal experiences seem to have the most to gain by showcasing their office, facility, or store. Below is a list of our top 10 businesses that need the Google 360 virtual tour. If you are on the list, consider the possibilities for your business!

1. Retail Businesses

2. Restaurants & Pubs

3. Banquet Halls

4. Hotels and Resorts

5. Tourist Spots

6. Specialty Retail Shops

7. Gyms

8. Salons and spas

9. Dealerships

10. Business Showrooms

Google 360 Virtual Tour Photography Service  

As part of our service, Design & Promote’s photographer will embed the Google 360 virtual tour into your Google Maps/Plus listing.  The listing is mobile friendly on Android and Apple devices.  If you are having your website designed or redesigned by Design & Promote, we can also embed the Google 360 virtual tour into your website.

If you require some still shots for your printed marketing pieces, these are also available from our business photographer. For the tour itself, our trusted, experienced Google 360 photographer Chicago will work with you to find the optimal time to do the photo shoot, when patrons are few and business activity is low.  Then they will work with you to design a tour that will showcase your space in the most appealing light.

If you are ready for your business to not only be found, but be experienced online with a Google 360 photographer Chicago, contact us today!