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Be a proactive social media business

Be a proactive social media business

Chicago social media is becoming more and more prominent within the small business community. Whether a company runs their own social media campaign or hires a Chicago social media expert to bring results, we should all be aware of certain mistakes that companies across the country have made on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The most common mistakes companies of all sizes have been making in the social media community since businesses started promoting themselves can be broken down into two categories. There are the mistakes that are made because a company is not being proactive enough, and there are the mistakes made because they are being too aggressive with their social media campaigns. Here are some mistakes that fall in the first category:



Incomplete Profiles: Nobody recommends businesses to join every social media outlet; it’s just too time consuming. So if you choose two to three of the most beneficial ones to your company, there should be no reason why your efforts on that site aren’t completely devoted to succeeding there. If you make the decision to create an account, take the time to enter all your information and make your identity unique to your company. Add pictures, descriptions etc. so you can show people who you are. This is where your social media brand begins, and it is very important to have a good start so visitors know you are involved in social media for the right reasons and will have a better chance to engage with you.

Not Communicating With Fans: If you have a following, however large it is, make sure you are part of the conversation. If you don’t engage with the people who are talking about you on social media sites, their expectations won’t be met. There are plenty of companies that are great at responding to fans or even replying with a thank you, which means if you don’t do that consistently you will loser followers.

Quitting Your Campaign Too Early: Many of the small businesses in Chicago try out social media but don’t give it enough time to see results, so they just give up. Try to begin with a good marketing plan before you setup all your accounts, and use different tactics to engage with your followers/fans.

Inconsistent Posting: Social media is an ongoing approach to marketing your organization, and you need to understand that people use it every day and expect new content from you on a regular basis. You don’t have to update your pages every day, but if you take weeks at a time to post something new, you will most likely lose followers.

Coming up: social media mistakes because of being too aggressive.