SSL Frequently Asked Questions

What does an SSL do?

Answer: SSL Certificates are put in place to ensure that communication between your site and other servers is encrypted.

How long do SSL Certificates take to be installed?

Answer: SSL Certificates can be installed within 24 hours of the request.

Does the size of my website matter how much I will be paying?

Answer: No, SSL Certificates can be utilized sites of any size.

How do I know if my site needs an SSL?

Answer: Now everyone should have an SSL if they want to let the world know they are on a safe site.

Are there penalties enforced for not having an SSL?

Answer: The only penalty enforced CURRENTLY is a “Not Secure” message in the address bar. There may also be similar notifications in the browser window. This notification varies by web browser.

I'm confused, what would it cost for my site to be protected? I do not have Ecommerce on my site.

Answer: The charge is $89 for this migration service. There is also an annual fee of $200 for the Thawte SSL Certification.

Do I have to pay annually for the SSL forever?

Answer: For right now, it looks that way.

How do I know when my site is secured?

Answer: There will be a padlock in the address bar area stating that your site is secure. There will also be no security warnings.

Does everyone need to do this?

Answer: Yup.

Why is Google/Chrome making this a requirement?

Answer: Because the industry has been discussing implementing better security measures for some time now and Google is taking the lead expecting others to follow.

Can I get another SSL certificate other than Thawte?

Answer: Yes, but the cost will be higher.

I have very little traffic on my website. Do I need an SSL?

Answer: No, but you will have even less traffic without one.

I already have an SSL for Ecommerce. Do I need another one?

Answer: No, but you will need to have your non-order pages linked to your certificate which will require the migration service.

What if I don't renew my annual SSL payment?

Answer: Your site will become insecure.