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Digital marketing has spoiled us, and this is unanimously true for a web design company from Chicago to New York to San Francisco. It not only makes it easy to reach our target markets, but also allows us to research buyer intent and track conversions at every stage of our sales funnels.

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At our Chicago web design agency, we use search engine optimization to gain visibility to people who are interested in our products and services. We design landing pages to convert visitors into prospects. We craft content marketing and social media campaigns around converting prospects into customers and customers into raving fans.

Why on earth would we suggest trying to market offline?

The truth is, doing so can be a simple way to stand out. Consider that all of your competitors are focusing their efforts and advertising budgets online. Few of them are connecting with their audiences through regular mail.

Send the folks on your mailing list a fun, engaging postcard and you can bet they’ll remember your brand when they need whatever you’re selling. For example, VitaminT has sent us some really fun postcards in the mail.



Making Marketing Fun: Offline Edition

Brainstorm ways you can reach out your customers and prospects offline that will surprise and delight them. Here are a few ideas:

• Mail them a personal thank-you note for a recent purchase
• Send them a thoughtful, handwritten card signed by your entire staff during the holidays
• Mail them a small gift as a token of your appreciation for their business
• Send them a special coupon they can redeem for a steep discount on one of your products
• Mail them a short survey asking for their opinion on an aspect of your business. For example, ask your customers what they think of a new product you’re planning to launch.
• Send them cards celebrating their birthdays, school graduations and new additions to their families

Marketing doesn’t always have to be about promoting your products. It can – indeed, it should – be about interacting with your audience in a way that strengthens their connection to your brand.

Establishing Brand Loyalty With Offline Outreach

The smaller your company, the more important your brand. That’s the reason brand engagement is such a high priority for businesses struggling to compete. Once a customer identifies with your brand, he or she is inclined to remain loyal to it.

One of the most effective ways to promote your brand and stimulate a sense of loyalty among your customers is to reach out to them offline. Handwritten thank-you notes, celebratory cards and small tokens of appreciation delivered via direct mail can go a long way toward achieving those ends.

Offline outreach is a more personal form of interaction. Sure, social media, webinars and email newsletters have their place. But there’s something about receiving a handwritten note or postcard that lends a personal, memorable touch.

That level of personalization can be a powerful driver of brand loyalty.

Small Connects Set The Stage For Big Returns

Non-digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Nor does it need to be complicated. Many of the ideas listed above can be implemented easily and at low cost.

For example, it’s not difficult to write a quick, sincere note of thanks to your top ten customers and slip the notes into a nearby mailbox. Nor is it expensive to purchase small gifts, such as Starbucks gift cards, for the ten customers who did the most business with your company last year.

The gifts don’t need to be extravagant. They just need to show you’re thinking about your customers.

The takeaway is that you can score big wins by making small connections offline. Remember, the mere fact that you’re reaching out to customers in this way when most of your competitors are sticking to online marketing allows you to distinguish yourself. It helps you to stand apart from the pack in a way that will surprise and delight your audience.

Web Design Company In Chicago Advises Going Beyond Online Marketing

Digital marketing is great because it allows you to target customers, track visitor flow and conversions, and adjust quickly to accommodate the shifting needs of your market. But don’t ignore offline marketing. Used properly, it can be an effective tool for engaging customers and increasing their loyalty to your brand.

All it takes is little creativity, whimsy and the willingness to go the extra mile to leverage another touch point with your audience.

Design & Promote creates marketing strategies that combine digital and offline methods to help its clients leverage every opportunity to reach their customers. Contact our team of marketing specialists to find out how to make 2016 your best year yet!