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Use Linkedin To Help With SEO

Here are 3 easy tasks that you can do in Linkedin to help with the search engine optimization of your website. SEO at it root is all about keywords and back links and here is how you can leverage your Linkedin profile for both.

1. Add Your Keywords To Your Personal & Company Profile

Once you log into Linkedin go to top menu Profile | Edit Profile

The Summary Area should explain what you do in detail and the description should include some of the keywords that your website is focusing on. If you have mostly local customers, don’t forget to include the areas that you serve.

Under the Experience Area make sure that it links to your company LinkedIn profile, create one if it is not already listed.

2. Add Keyword Links to Your Website & Inner Pages

Under the Websites Area take advantage of all 3 links and add them as the other link category using the right keywords.

A few examples that I might use for my Chicago area internet marketing, web design and search engine optimization company are below:

• “Internet Marketing Chicago” pointing to my home page.

• “Chicago SEO” pointing to my page about search engine optimization.

• “Web Design Chicago” pointing to my page about website design services.

The important thing is to use all 3 links along with a good keyword, not just the usual “My Company” or My Website.

Below is a video on more effective links for SEO

3. Add the Linkedin WordPress app to point to your blog.

Back to the top menu in Linkedin, go to More | Application Directory and add the WordPress application pointing to your WordPress blog.

Don’t have a blog yet? maybe you should talk to me about creating one for you, it is a great way of adding fresh relative content to your website, staying in touch with customers &   prospects and you can focus on new keywords with every post.

LinkedIn Extra Credit

Join local and related groups, add and interact in any groups that your prospects may be in, I’m sure there are some local groups that you can identify and join. Ask and answer any questions in the discussion area, add links to your latest news etc. I suggest that as you join groups you can have updates sent to you weekly instead of daily unless you want to be bombarded with emails.

Recommendations: I suggest first connecting to all of your clients and prospects, not just your peers.

Adding a Linkedin recommendation to your client right after you sell a large project is a great way of saying thank you, most likely they will reciprocate and you will receive one back in return. Better to do it this way than the lame way of asking for recommendations I feel.

Status Updates: It is good to post status updates on a daily or weekly basis and if you link to a good resource on your website all the better.

I hope that I explained these 3 steps that Linkedin can help with SEO  so that you can put them into practice easily, if you get stuck on anything just let me know and I’d be happy to help.

My personal LinkedIn Profile is: Feel free to add me as a connection and any recommendations will be reciprocated.

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