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We have been helping Naperville area non profits by presenting them an online advertising medium to market themselves without breaking their bank, a new website.  Now they have extended the offer to all of DuPage and Will county not profit organizations. For only $1000, we will build a five page WordPress website which includes a blog, on board SEO, reporting and statistic capabilities, and free hosting for three years.  The $1000 fee covers the cost of administration and some of the labor. The rest is a donation of Design & Promotes time.

Does Your Naperville Non Profit need a website?Non Profit Naperville

A web site design is a great way to convey a organization’s message to its audience. It can be compared to an expanded, full color, informational brochure that is at the people’s fingertips 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You can also add a “contact us” feature to your website to make it convenient for anyone to reach you.

By having an online presence you can increase your market share significantly. You are not limited to your local trade area, now you will be making your organization and its message available globally. By having a well designed website, information about your services will be available for everybody to see. Visitors will be able to get a much better idea about your non profit organization because you can feature multiple pages on your site with greater details.

With a website you can revamp your internet marketing plan and begin to advertise via your website for only a fraction of the cost of costly mailings and print advertising. Online advertising is more targeted to a concentrated audience. People who visit your website are there because they have an interest in your product or service. People can sign up for newsletters through your website then you can send it to them via e-mail. By collecting e-mail addresses from willing visitors to your website, you can stay in touch with them without having to pay for printing or postage. You also have the capabilities of tracking your visitors and how they have reached your  site.

In the end every nonprofit organization needs a website. People are now turning online to find information, and if you do not have a presence on the Internet you are limiting yourself significantly. Having web presence makes it so much easier to send your non profit’s message, program and events to the public.

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