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What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is establishing online presence for your website. The focus of SEO is optimizing your website in the best manner possible for searchable results for prospective clients as well as the underlying coded portions of your website that drives search engine spiders into your site so that you get indexed in the major search engines. In plain terms that means getting your website to the first pages of the internet when someone is searching for your product or service.

Broken links, improper content, stuffing your site full of keywords targeting your products or services can work against you. A website needs to be massaged and kept limber, if your website sits stagnant for too long, and is not cared for, it will loose ranking and loosing ranking will result in the loss of potential business.


SEO Services Can Jumpstart a Website

SEO services will assist in increasing your web site rankings, pinpointing your products and services to boost your organic search rankings, thus, increasing your website traffic.

Refining search optimization today is a practice that requires comprehensive knowledge and experience. With a team of specialists and a company like Design & Promote your search optimization will be well rounded and the focus will be on getting results within your market.


Optimization Planning & Strategy

The crux of SEO is based around developing your website to fit the most relevant visitors and targets for your products and services. Researching how your core audiences or prospects would find you, an SEO expert will canvas your web site to get a clear picture on how your customers are searching giving us a better understanding of how to market and optimize your site. With that research as well we can better help in getting the search engine spiders to notice and index your site, which will in turn better your position.

Building Professional SEO Services Around ROI

Researching and analyzing data will help us drive traffic to your site and find where your marketing dollars are bringing in the best ROI. These findings will clearly determine the best and most relevant avenues in your marketing plan and budgets.

Our Services
Focusing on the best means of driving your site up the rankings we offer:

  • Research and Analysis for Keywords
  • Competitor Analysis Report
  • Content & Text Suggestions
  • Alt Tags, Keyword Density, Title Tags, Description Tags, Header Tags, Page Titles
  • Initial Consultation and Ranking Reports
  • Monthly Traffic Reports
  • Linking Campaigns Structure
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • A SEO Expert Connected to You

Design & Promote works with several sources to gain the knowledge and strategies that will best suit your business. Getting your site higher rankings and getting your business noticed, is our business. Creating a search able website can increase your web site traffic bringing exposure; leads and can be considered the worlds doorway into your company.


Here’s how we do it:

Our first step is to analyze your current site to see if there is any existing optimization and that all the technical aspects are in place.

Then, we research your targeted keywords through analysis of your core business and it’s goals.

We verify you are targeting your keywords correctly and properly throughout the content of your website.

We manually submit your site to directories and search engines and continue to run a link campaign that will be relevant to your company.


Simple Rules

With the varied information that encompasses the search marketing industry, we find that there are simple steps to follow and ideas that create the best starting point.

Pages loaded with heavy flash and animation clearly are not indexed well with in search engines.

We believe in crawl-ability and wane from using frames because a spider can go no further, making your site in-accessible to the bugs and bots.

Making your site rich with proper keywords that focus on your page detail, we believe in building a site that has proper title tags and descriptions and focus on the “niche” of said pages.

We will include sitemaps and stat counters on your website to help define the methods that are proving to be the best strategies.

We will consistently focus on how your website has been found to gauge where the interest of the consumer lies and building on that.

Whether you have an existing website or are looking to start an online business, Design and Promote offers a variety of packages for any size company.

Contact us now for a free SEO consultation and we’ll let you know how we can help!


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