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The internet has completely changed the marketing game. Gone are the days of buying ads, making cold calls and praying for customers. Today, an effective online presence will fill your sales funnel with high-quality leads who are ready to hear your message.

Design & Promote specializes in digital marketing and online promotional techniques that put your brand everywhere it needs to be. Our team of experts creates proactive campaigns that are easily found by the search engines – so you can connect with the right people, in the right places, at the right times.

If generating more leads is a priority for your business, Design & Promote is the answer. We help you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can engage with, convert into customers, and delight over the course of a long and fruitful business relationship.

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Digital Marketing Techniques

Game changers for your business

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a longer-term technique that is used to draw more visitors to your website and convert those visitors into customers.


Pay-Per-Click is a technique that is used to instantly increase traffic, leads and conversions on your website.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletter marketing is used to maximize your business’s exposure to new clients and to provide a communication outlet for existing clients.

Social Media

Social media is a valuable tool that builds brand awareness and loyalty, increases engagement with your target market, and reinforces your business’s web presence.

Search Engine Optimization

Dominate search engines and increase conversions

Our Search Engine Optimization experts at Design & Promote have the skills, the expertise and the resources to create a customized SEO campaign for your website. Our custom SEO plans allow you to dominate the search engines, draw more visitors to your website, and convert those visitors into sales.

We partner with our clients to provide expertly crafted SEO campaigns based upon extensive keyword & competitor analysis, search trends, and search volumes for our clients’ specific industry and desired target audience.

Pay-Per-Click Strategy and Management

Instantly increase traffic, leads and conversions on your website

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an online advertising opportunity that will generate more traffic for your website instantly! Pay-Per-Click is a way to target specific leads, generate sales and can push your digital marketing campaign to the next level. Besides search engine optimization campaigns, Google PPC returns the highest value per dollar spent, much more than traditional advertisements since the ad’s exposure is directed at target audiences who are actually looking for your product or service. Design & Promote’s PPC experts develop custom strategies for each of our customers in order to achieve the best return on investment and get you the best results.

Digital Marketing with Email Newsletters

Maximize business and brand exposure to prospects

Design & Promote has the capabilities to develop monthly or quarterly newsletters for your company to maximize its exposure to new clients and provide a communication outlet with existing clients.

Through the planning, development and execution of your newsletters, we manage your internet marketing campaigns to provide additional exposure for your company. Design & Promote can manage your entire Digital Marketing Campaign or just a portion of your online marketing projects in order to help maximize your marketing strategies.

Each client has a unique brand campaign and we will work with you to showcase your campaign to your online customers through your newsletters.

Digital Marketing through Social Media

A Vital Piece of Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing has become a vital piece of any digital marketing strategy. Social media plays hand-in-hand with SEO plans, giving your business a competitive edge with your target audience. Establishing a strong online presence begins with your website and is reinforced by your social media profiles.

Social media marketing can strengthen your marketing game in a variety of different ways. The Design & Promote team works with you to build a custom social media marketing and digital marketing campaign that will get the game-changing results you are looking for.

Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, create a larger following, spruce up your social media profiles, engage with your target market, build brand loyalty, or even just get the ball rolling with social media, call us today to speak with our Social media marketing experts. Design & Promote will work with you to build a custom plan based upon your goals and advertising budget.

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Ready to generate more leads, gain more high quality traffic, increase conversions on your website or build a greater social following? Get promoted by Design & Promote!